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As you release limitations you connect to unlimited possibilities.

Live a life you’re dreaming about — it’s right here waiting for you.

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We live in extraordinary times where change, challenges and celebrations occur in the blink of an eye.

Too often lifetimes of limiting messages and cellular memories of unhealthy patterns distort our perceptions. We can’t see the path. We feel lost, uncertain, vulnerable. We don’t know how to create the life that will bring us happiness.

I invite you to reclaim the magic that you have within you – that magic you have forgotten from childhood. To step into the amazing person that is YOU.

This is a time of coming home… to yourself.

I am passionate about supporting you to discover a new way of being, a life of more grace, magic, & love —And the life that has always been waiting for you!

Our Opportunity is NOW

  • Are you ready to confidently step out of your old patterns and be empowered in your relationships, work and at home?
  • Would you like to bridge the gap between your heart’s desires … and the outside world?
  • Are you ready to be your truly authentic, divinely connected self?

With Diamond Pathways You Will:

  • Unplug from negative energy and plug into the magic of you
  • Accept  yourself  more fully for who you truly are
  • Fall back in love with yourself
  • Get in touch with — and really trust — the guidance of your intuition
  • Step more fully into your gifts
  • Move thru challenges more quickly
  • Create your dreams and let them bloom with more ease

When we operate from our deepest desires — relieved of our old stories and beliefs — life changes around us. The things we our heart’s desire suddenly manifest! We are connected – empowered – and free! We live in a more graceful, joyful and abundant way!

Discover unlimited possibilities, love, and joy.

This is your time.

Take me there-bonnie snyder

Why a Diamond?

Diamond-Bonnie-snyderThe shape of the Diamond (octahedron) is a sacred geometry that expands and supports you in being the radiant, unique light that you are. It’s your deepest connection to your Self.  Many believe the “Diamond” (the octahedron that surrounds you) is your “Diamond Light body”, an energetic body that has been dormant. Your personal diamond is accessed through your heart. It is the connection to unlimited possibilities, love, and joy as well as to your Divine blue print and Soul’s guidance.

Take Me There-Diamond Heart awakenings

What is Bonnie doing?


Enlightened womanBonnie will be a guest on The Enlightened Woman Radio Show August 13th, with Estra Roell, America’s Life Purpose Coach. Look for more details as the time draws closer. To listen to other great shows go to: bbmglobalnetwork.com/the-enlightened-woman/ To find out more about Estra at americaslifepurposecoach.com


Angel Violet’s Magic Wings

Helps children focus on listening to their heart
Helps children to identify feelings
Especially calming for the highly sensitive child

The Gifts from the Galaxy are magnificent beyond our wildest dreams. This 11-minute energy shifting diamond meditation will center your heart and mind to assist you in release and liquefying of the limitations of this world. It will connect you to the timelessness of the cosmos.

The Powerful Effect of Color – How it Influences Your Mind, Your Soul and Your Energy

There is a bridge from your inner dreams and intentions to your outer world. Color helps us find our way along that path. What is the magical color of your Soul’s voice? Find out more.