Meet Bonnie

Many of Bonnie’s clients call her  a “transformational alchemist”.  Life never  seems the same after working with her. Her clients say their lives start to transform almost magically  as they discover new ways of being and living.

Bonnie-Snyder-Diamond AlchemyI have always lived a little (or some may say a lot) outside the box while trying to “fit” into the confines of what was expected.  In spite of my best intentions, I continually found myself playing outside or with the box or dancing on top of it — being the light of who truly I AM. The gifts I have just seemed to leak out more and more, despite my attempts to keep them hidden from myself.

For a long time I struggled against being myself (completely) and tried to keep my gifts contained.  Have you ever tried to keep light contained?  It is takes a lot of energy, becomes a huge effort and in the end just isn’t possible.

Even as I tried to stay within the confines of traditional counseling and coaching, my clients always seemed to experience me and see me in a much more expanded way than I saw myself.

However, I have to honest that over the years I have invested in learning many Energy Modalities (starting with Thought Field Therapy some of you know the process as EFT). Truthfully, my gift of energy alchemy, seeing the patterns, and being able to create the sacred space for clients to transform greatly increased.

When I partnered with my clients to dissolve challenges (which are only patterns) using energy modalities, many of my clients resolved their issues even more quickly than before and with amazing success. Many experienced astounding miracles and accomplishments. Because I was employing these same processes on myself and knew they worked, I was able to teach my clients how to use the energy processes effectively for themselves.

My Journey and the Gift I Want to Share with You

It probably won’t be a surprise to you that my heartfelt and deepest held intention — even as a child — was to stay connected in a sacred way to God. Even back then, I created sacred spaces “playing church”, lighting candles and reading my prayer book.

As an adult, my deep knowing and understanding of the importance of loving ourselves and connecting to Source has continued to grow. I have remained passionate about supporting my clients (and myself) in shifting the patterns that have kept us stuck, unsuccessful and unable to trust ourselves fully and be ourselves in every area of our lives.

Connecting to the Source that created us — and remembering who we truly are — has become my most important quest. As I learned to  respect and step into the power of my own gifts, it was no surprise everything I have learned and experienced divinely culminated into my being shown the Diamond Heart Awakening © processes. Having a technology like this was something I had wanted for a long time, but I knew had continue to step into the light that I AM to receive it.

Diamond Heart Awakenings©

Pink-Diamond-HeartI am delighted to share with you that the Diamond Heart Awakenings© Technology is blossoming and practical processes continue to download.  It’s seems to be evolving at the  speed and rate as that of the planet and consciousness. I am still in awe of the power of this loving, divinely-expansive energy. This amazing process shifts the structure of who we are on a multidimensional level. It is a consciousness technology that can change the programming of your DNA, allowing you to realign your mental, emotional, spiritual and light bodies to be fully connected to your unique Soul Blueprint. It can sync you up with the light, the I AM spirit you are. It can accelerate and activate the energy of  your heart so you can move forward.

As we do this, we experience more grace in our lives. That allows us to BE who we truly are creating the space for others to be themselves.  This makes our world a more cooperative and safe place to live and thrive.
Although I have a lot of  training and letters behind my name, what is most important is that I AM being who truly I AM, shining light and sharing my gifts in the way only I can. (If you want to read the more traditional information about me please go to This is true for each of us, being who we are and shining our light is the gift we bring home to ourselves and the world.

What people are saying about the Diamond Heart Awakenings

Max-Circle-HeadBonnie’s Diamond Heart Activation is nothing less than a transcendent experience.  It will reveal to you what it means to actually be a wholly integrated multi-dimensional being.  What you experience is your body, mind, emotions and spirit functioning harmoniously on all cylinders. And once the diamond light is awakened within you, it can be used as a tool to create very practical benefits in your everyday life. With the support of one of Bonnie’s follow-up Diamond Heart Attunements I received clarity about a marketing article that ultimately yielded a very favorable response for my business.  I’m so grateful for the enormous value I have received from this transformative process. ~ Max W. Los Angeles

Rosemary-Circle-HeadBonnie’s relaxation tools and energy exercises enable me to unravel the obstacles and move on. Whether I am attending her workshops and presentations, or working with Bonnie on a one-to-one basis, she intuitively knows how to help me slow down to move forward. Bonnie’s expertise with mind /body /soul interaction shines through every time I am working with her. Her plentiful “toolkit” has many, many resources to help me and others get “unstuck”. She helps me and others change the way we perceive our situation so that our mind can become serene and move us through our personal journey path. ~ Rosemary B. TurningPoints2Results

The relieSara-Circle-Headf I now feel to be free to experience life as it is and not through the filer of past wounding is incredible and allows me to be more fully present in each moment. Bonnie and the Diamond Heart Technology are beautiful gifts to guide an individual safely and gently along the path of healing and transformation. My experience with Bonnie and Diamond Heart Awakenings has been a transformative experience that has opened me to my greatest potential self. ~ Sara, CA

*(Experiences vary depending on the individual)

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