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Tapping into The New for 2017:

Now is a time for Change & New Beginnings
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  • What wants to birth in your life now after the changes of 2016?
  • How will you know what your next steps are to move forward or in a new direction?
  • How will you be supported on your journey?

2016 was the ending of  a cycle. The last several years there has been a process of endings and many changes which accelerated tremendously in 2016. 

The past is the past (unless we bring it forward) and the slate is clean. Align and open to more ease, grace and magic. Stay focused on your intentions and open to new possibilities. 

dreaming image no urlNow is the time to Join a Triad* Circle of 3 Diamond Alchemy Group:

Start Now Tapping Into Unlimited Possibilities waiting for you in  for 2017

Visioning Your Dreams Into Life

  • Create new beginnings and open to unlimited possibilities
  • Join a Triad Alchemy Triad, Circle of 3  Group and be supported in staying open and committed to your heart’s desires, Soul whisperings and dreams
  • Be held in the powerful energy of the group as you shift inside and watch your outer world shift
  • Find the secret of tapping into your own inner knowing to make decisions more easily and live more effortlessly
  • Easily glean awareness of how to create new beginnings for more success, joy and fun in your life
  • Feel safe to vision, create your intentions, find the next step as it shows up, be inspired into action, and celebrate your successes
  • Find support to stay focused and accountable without judgement
  • Feel uplifted and energized 
  • Walk the path with other like-minded Souls on the journey

Join a  powerful Diamond Triad Alchemy Triad Group- a be supported in  in stay in open and committed to your heart’s desires, Soul’s Whispers and dreams.

Meet once a month on the phone (all calls will be recorded) and share in a closed/private a Facebook group.

Although virtual, Triad Circle of 3 Groups have the power of a physical group meeting. However, they can be even more powerful with no outside interference in the comfort of your home. You’ll experience the support and the celebration just as you would in person.

I am excited about partnering with others on the path where you can evolve to be the most empowered, deeply connected person you can be— The changes from the individuals in the groups are amazing. As we individually feel inwardly confident, despite any bumps in the road, we make our our world a more supportive and safe place to live and thrive. This is my passion! …

What a few people have been saying about Triad Circle of 3 Groups:

“I have been in a Men’s Triad Group with Bonnie for over a year. She provides both amazingly intuitive and insightful comments and direction. Her opening mediations are always what the three of us in the group need at that time. They are often almost magical. Since being in the group, I have achieved personal goals that I, honestly, thought unlikely. The support and suggestions from the others in the group have been meaningful and inspiring. Leading an incredibly busy life, I don’t ordinarily like to obligate myself to any other commitments that take up any of my time. And, even though often when it is time for the monthly meeting, I am ambivalent about giving up the time, I always leave the call with a smile, a feeling renewal, and sometimes simply amazed. Bonnie is a gift.” ~ Frank

Katie-Circle-Head“Bonnie Snyder conducts the sessions with an outstanding combination of inspiration and insight for each member of the group participating! I have taken several programs with Bonnie and she has always done a remarkable job! Bonnie’s preparation and knowledge of the material is exemplary and I highly recommend her programs!” ~Katie



“I can’t believe how fast things are showing up for me now after being a part of this group.”~Beth

Sara-Circle-Head“Time spent with my Diamond Pathways Triad Trusting Your Dreams group is engaging and an ensures I recognize and maintain gratitude for the many blessings in my life. As I do I have noticed that I am much more successful with my intentions for the month and for my life. I have had surprising events and people show up in my life to support me on my path. The wisdom and insights delivered by Bonnie Snyder never disappoint. You will benefit greatly any of Diamond Pathways offerings on your life journey.” ~Sara

Arlon-Circle-Head“Bonnie’s work to facilitate the Men’s Triad group I attend has been helpful to me in many ways. Her ability to begin the Triad meetings with a focused meditation is often the reason I am able to leave work and focus on myself and the insight she offers. Her encouragement to define my own perspective on gratitude and her attention to links or similarities between life events and some common experiences my Triad members discuss, opens doors and confirms lessons that help me stay healthy at both a physical and emotional level. And she helps me maintain my focus on where I am going and what’s working  rather than on what        I consider my failures.” ~Arlon

Kim-R-Circle-Head“This group is a safe place for me to step up and create my dreams for my business. Being in the Triad Group with Bonnie’s amazing energy and support and the support, energy and insights of the other women has held me accountable. I did all the practical things but was able to attract exactly what I wanted more easily than I could have ever imagined this past year. I am a small business owner and believe in this so much in this process I had Bonnie start a group for my team.” ~Kim

Start or join a Triad Group Today: 

Empower yourself and your life! You don’t have to walk alone. Walk this journey with others as we move into the powerful energy of transition and new beginnings this year.

Email Bonnie@DiamondPathways.com for more information and to start your group. (A cost effective way to get energy up leveling and coaching)

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*A Triad is a supportive, loyal, trusting group of three people who support each other and the whole to bring into reality their intentions. It exponentially creates a powerful, supportive energy container and supports you in creating inspired practical steps for the alignment for your intentions. (The group meets on the phone on a bridge line). If you would like to start your own Triad Group right now and have Bonnie facilitate and create a powerful container of change (that includes you two others).

If you want to join or start a Triad Group now:

email: Bonnie@DiamondPathways.com or call 727.230.9160 and find out more details. Put Circle of 3 Group Alchemy Sessions in the subject line. Groups start at $35 a month. Give a gift of 3 months as a gift to yourself or start a group.

“New beginnings, outcomes, and the unfoldment of new potentials are all possible when we stop spinning through healing cycles and take a leap of intention, which is putting our faith and beliefs in action. Creation follows energetic focus and intention and since we said we wanted to be in our power, this is our chance to embrace and use it, to see how that can work in our lives and in the world. We can change the world when we are willing to first become the example of the transformation we can envision for the world as we embody it in our own lives.” ~Jennifer Hoffman

*The Triad, circle of three is based on Tribal Leadership is centered on: Respect, integrity and honor. “The most valuable relationships are not made of two people, they’re made of three. A third person will always stabilize and grow the relationship between the other two.” http://www.culturesync.net/toolbox/intro-to-triads/


Grasp the life you always desired in your heart.

Be the most soul-connected, powerful person you can be.

 Try a Diamond Discovery Session!

Take your first step today!

There is no obligation it is an exploratory session!


What is your greatest desire?

Do you struggle with balancing your heart’s desires and the outside world?

Do you want to become conscious of what’s holding you back but have trouble letting go?

Is there one area in your life you want to change — but haven’t been able to do it?

Do you wish to feel empowered during a transition?

Do you feel pulled in many directions?

Do you want a sacred, non-judgmental space to gracefully shift the energy around an old pattern?

I will support You-Coaching

Bonnie-Snyder-AboutWelcome to Diamond Alchemy Coaching

Employing my gifts as an energy alchemist and life balance coach, I use the energy component and combine it with practical, real world “coaching” strategies.

There is sacred geometry related to the diamond and all your energy systems. When you access your diamond heart and diamond light body (your personal diamond matrix), you can move through challenges more quickly with less energy of drama. You’ll find release from your “prison” and feel free in a way that you may not have experienced before.

The Energy Component:

Your physical body has an invisible matrix surrounding it and so does our planet Earth. When these are divinely connected, you experience a marriage of these two potent energies. Your “inside world” (your heart and mind) shifts, and then the outside world also shifts to accommodate the change. Everything “falls into place” in divine order. Many talk about miracles and magic happening in the outside world. The result is your life becomes more synchronized, harmonized and awakened.

Use Diamond Alchemy Coaching for any of these life challenges:

Relationship issues or conflicts

Problems at work or with business

Learning to trust your intuition

The yearning to be your true self

Highly sensitive and intuitive and a desire to feel comfortable in your own skin

A transition that want to move through gracefully and with ease

Bridging the gap between your inner desires and your outer reality

read more Success Stories at DiamondPathways.com/sucess-stories/

Diamond-alchemy Coaching-Bonnie-SnyderWhether you have worked on these patterns and challenges before or are just starting out, Diamond Alchemy will support your shift and transformation. The Diamond Alchemy process is individual and harmonizes with you wherever you are on your path. It allows you to connect to the “I AM” presence within you, struggling to come out into the light.

You may be reading more and  have landed on this page with an inner knowing and pull that now is the time to invest in yourself or you just want to know more about how exactly Diamond Alchemy Sessions will move you powerfully forward.

Come home to yourself and be the most soul-connected, powerful person you can be! Partner with Bonnie in Diamond Individual Sessions or Triad Group Alchemy Sessions.

 The first step is to be truly open and ready to completely let go of old patterns, conscious and unconscious, so your entire life becomes more graceful, easier and magical. Then decide which type of Alchemy Sessions are best for you, either Diamond Alchemy Individual Sessions, Diamond Laser Sessions (LINK) or Triad Alchemy Sessions.

Diamond-alchemy-sessionsIndividual Diamond Alchemy Sessions

Individual Diamond Alchemy Sessions are personalized, focusing on your particular challenges and intentions. To powerfully move you forward, each session will leave you with next steps supporting the inner shifts and conscious awareness you claimed during your session.

Diamond Alchemy Individual Sessions will support you in bringing your intentions, goals and dreams into reality with the most grace and ease possible because you connect to your divinely guided, true authentic self. Session packages are created on a customized basis.


Partnering with a Coach (or Energy Alchemist) is not a Click & Buy decision, so I encourage you to schedule your Diamond Discovery Session today. No cost and no commitment, just 15 minutes of your time. There are many options for you here! Let’s see what will “light up” your life.

Take a peek at what awaits you on the other side! And find out what Diamond Alchemy Session or Diamond Pathway would be a powerful choice to move you into heart’s desires.

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