Diamond Laser Sessions


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Are emotions coloring your perceptions?

Get immediate relief from a pressing issue!

 15-Minute Diamond Laser Sessions we’ve created to give you relief and support to move through and let go of whatever is holding you back… right now!


Diamond Laser Sessions will support you in:

Double Diamond: Follow up from an Energy Shifter on a individual issue

Releasing a specific issue to gain new clarity and insights that were blocked before

Creating from a new place what you desire

Regaining your balance after having been “thrown” off by a situation or person


  • Letting go of the sticky place of “I don’t know what to do”
  • Seeing through the emotions coloring your perceptions
  • Dissolving an emotional or mental block
  • Letting go of the burden you feel from struggling with this issue
  • Stepping out of the box you feel you can’t get out of
  • Finding clarity to make a decision
  • Seeing clearly through what is blocking you
  • Shifting the energy around what you brought to the session

heart womanDiamond Laser Sessions- support the release of energy for a pressing problem in the moment that is linked to a much deeper core issue.*

Diamond Laser Sessions are Not:

These 15-Minute Diamond Laser Sessions are not talk therapy (how could they be in just 15 minutes?).  These are quick, energetic sessions to help you move the energy that has kept you stuck. Once you change the inner dynamics of what is keeping you blocked, what happens in the outside world changes—like magic.



The Magic Alchemy of a Diamond Laser Session:

On a practical level participants feel a sense of relief in the moment, then peace and clarify.  On a deeper level, they comprehend that somehow the outside reality in the real world shifts  as they experience the inner shift of energy.

 “The Diamond Laser Session gave me a boost to move me through what I was dealing with!”

“It was like getting free of a snag and being able to continue on and finally see the opportunities that were there the whole time.”

“A doorway opened to creative possibilities I had not thought of before!”


What you need to get ready for a Diamond Laser Session:

  • Fill out a very brief form to support you in getting the most out of these session.
  • This is the most important element: You must have a true willingness to come to the session and completely let go of your issue.
  • Pay for your session. You will get a confirmation once you pay for your session.
  • Schedule your appointment. (The link is on the payment confirmation page.)
  • I have opened blocks of time for these sessions.
  • Be able to share your challenge in 2-3 minutes.
  • Be in a quiet place at the time of your appointment.
  • Understand that the energy starts to move when you make your appointment and will continue long after our time together.


 Special Pricing

Single Session – $35

Recordings of your sessions are available upon advance request for an additional $3 each.

Clicking the button below only takes you to the brief form for your session  You can decide after looking at or filling out the form if you wish to continue to pay for your  session and make your Diamond Laser Session appointment. There is no obligation to look at and fill out the form at the Get Started Now! button.

 Once you fill out the form, you can keep it or continue to the next steps for payment and scheduling. 


Diamond Heart“Bonnie has this remarkable search-and-rescue ability when it comes to helping people in the midst of an emotional crisis.  I was in a state of high anxiety from worry about the news I might receive  at my dental appointment.  Although, I am a competent successful, professional woman my heart rate was up, my energies felt chaotic, and I was frantically surfing for info about ANY other options got for what I had thought might be the outcome of my visit.  Right before my appointment, I called Bonnie and somehow, in about ten minutes, she tuned in to me and used her unique combination imagery and “energy work” to deactivate nearly all of my distress. After this brief connection, I was able to show up at my dental appointment feeling so much more centered and hopeful, and darned if all I needed was a small filling. Thanks for being my 911, Bonnie! ” ~PB  Orlando

Diamond HeartI lost my confidence before making a presentation,  for a new company that was interested in my services. I called Bonnie and in less than 15 minutes, I had a completely different perspective and regained  my confidence.  My shift in perspective helped me present the information in a way I felt totally comfortable.” ~Wendy R Daytona Beach

 Get peace of mind and clarity around an issue for an affordable price…even if you feel pressed for time!


 *Note: To fully release deeper entrenched core issues, regular sessions would be more beneficial. Consider a series of Diamond Laser Sessions or some traditional longer sessions.

**(image of woman:www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/Healthcare_g355-Woman_Having_A_Bad_Headache_p81510.html)

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