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7 Gateways of Grace-2

“Being surrounded by an aura of love, Grace is the very breath of the Divine.

The Divine is always there waiting for us, you can’t hide from Grace. Grace is your true nature.”

~ Richard Rudd GeneKeys.com

There is a very palatable powerful energy of change calling to us to evolve and to BE our truly authentic God Selves. For it’s when we become who we truly are the outside world will change.  The good news is our world is evolving and shifting, and so are we.

                      Can you feel it?

radiant light bold gateways

If you said yes, and are feeling the shift,  join Julie and Bonnie in Orlando with a small group of  amazing women who are looking to amp up having a life that moves with more grace (even when presented with challenges) and who will transform old residual lingering patterns.

Join a group of women ready to step into new ventures with more confidence.

Join a group of women who want to increase their ability to navigate relationships without losing personal power.

Join a group of women who want to continue to  expand their personal unique radiance.

Our purpose is to truly BE a gift in the world. The 7 Gateways of Grace will support you on this journey of Being You and trusting that Divine support will be there for you.  The 7 Gateways of Grace is a very personal journey. You will move though conscious and unconscious limiting patterns to expand into the realm of unlimited possibilities, divine timing, peace, joy, love and grace.

gateway stone

Our intention is you’ll come away with a deeper sense of peace and clarity and emerge from our time together with a profoundly enhanced connection with Self.  With this deeper sense of resonance and connection to your heart you’ll be able to navigate your relationships, your “work”, your health, your finances and your true purpose with greater ease, joy, synchronistic flow and, of course, grace.

I am delighted to partner with Julie Umpley from DiamondLightWorld.net. in our live event The 7 Gateways of Grace in Orlando. I have had the joy of finding Julie after being shown the gift of the diamond frequency. I have taken many powerful and profound webinars with Julie over the last year and half. We each tap into the Diamond Grid in our unique way. So, be ready to have a powerful experience.

To find out more about this event in Orlando, Florida go to

7 Gateways of Grace

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