Gifts from the Galaxy websiteGifts from the Galaxy: Liquify your Limitations and Reawaken Your Inner Light Energy Shifter

What if there is information in other realms that would support you to:

  • Embody more of your true essence and light
  • Strive less and really flow with life
  • Remember you create from the present, not the past or the future
  • Awaken the gifts you have from other lifetimes
  • Open you to the magic of something new
  • Create more peace, love or joy in your life
  • Trust that you are a unique radiant point of light
  • Liquefying the old version of you to the magnificence that you are in the universe

The Gifts from the Galaxy are magnificent beyond our wildest dreams. This 11-minute meditation will center your heart and mind to assist you in release and liquefying of the limitations of this world. It will connect you to the timelessness of the cosmos.

Unite with the unlimited possibilities of the real you, the you beyond your physical body. Return with the gifts of awakened awareness, a lighter spirit and the assurance that you are love and radiant light. Downloadable only

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Remember and Reconnect to Your Divine Light

mount_magnificentflyingcarpet purple (1)Imagine yourself on a carpet ride.

Find the little child who is you. Follow the child; remember playing joyfully and happy. Merge with the little child and open your arms to the light. Listen to the message reminding you came here for a reason; remember your divine light and how your gifts return to you differently.

You came with a plan to shine your divine light, to share your gifts effortlessly, without hesitation and fear to be yourself.

Now is the time.  With the new energy of 2016 it is time to remember, claim your divine gifts and share them effortlessly. It is time to be and to shine your light. Genetics and a lifetime of forgetting our true light have dimmed the Divine Diamond Light. Take a ride on a magic carpet and return to remembering. Return ready to radiate your light with more grace, ease, than ever before.

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Solar Diamond Violet Flame Energy Shifter

In this time of transition and  tremendous change, listen to the Solar Violet Flame to gain clarity, a sense of peace and coming home to yourself. The Solar Violet Flame and Violet Ray have been used to transmute lower, denser energies that keep you from moving into connection with your Soul’s Voice and the Source that created you.  You can be distracted by these heavier  energies. The  mind clings to the old patterns and you may feel like you’re stuck or blocked, which keeps you from shifting into a new energy.

It’s been said that using the Violet Flame will “create the process” to allow the old timelines and patterns to be removed. The Violet Flame is the three fold flame of the Divine Sacred Masculine-blue, Divine Sacred Feminine-Pink and the God Flame- Gold creating a violet light.  As you listen feel  the deep purity of God’s Love within you. This is a powerful energy that continues to shift and increase in potency with the higher frequencies and light codes available now. Notice the peace and feelings of clarity during and after you listen to The Solar Diamond Violet Flame downloadable audio. 

 Music from Star Child Awakens (unpublished) by Amy Camie

Image created by Dominique Claire Germain  and can be purchased at


Gene KeyEnergy Shifter – Gene Key #48

Let Go of Not Enough and Feel Enough in Every Moment  Gene Key #48 Energy Shifter Audio
Wouldn’t you lie to shift that little niggly feeling of not enough that slips in sometimes. This audio is the key to quieting that voice. This energy shifter audio will  start the unlocking of the “Gene Key of Inadequacy” that all humans have programmed within their DNA. The Gene Keys developed by Richard Rudd ( are one of secrets to raising the frequency of your DNA to transform the patterns from your genetics, releasing fear in the body and connects you to the trust in your Higher Self. Downloadable only


butterflywingsEnergy Shifter – Update Your Butterfly Wings

Where in your life could you use an “update”?

How many times do you get an update for a program on your computer or phone? For our technology to work efficiently, and to interface with other devices quickly and easily, we have to continue to “update” our devices. Downloadable only

Are you ready to update your wings? Updating our butterfly wings connects us to our infinite selves.

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butterfliesEnergy Shifter – Disolving the Cloak of Invisibility

Create more Space to Tap into your infinite self. Access more fully the feeling of experience of “free to be truly me” confident and transparent. A first step in remembering, reclaiming and realizing the freedom and magic of your unique divine God-Self. Downloadable only

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Diamond Heart Awakening Facet Clearings & Connections Downloadable Audios

(approximately 10 minutes each)
Although short, these powerful audios activate and clear the DNA from old programming and open unlimited portals and possibilities to connect you to a new way of being.
Special pricing $18.00 each ($24)

Diamond Heart Overwhelm and Reconnection
Diamond Heart Repressed Anger and Betrayal Held in the Cells
Diamond Heart Releasing Abandonment Patterns
Diamond Heart Self Love and Rebirth
Diamond Heart Releasing Limitations Creating Possibilities

1 Carat Diamond Heart Awakenings Activation

  • You’ll connect to your “diamond” soul signature, unique gifts and strengths
  • You’ll tap into the power of your fifth dimension heart-mind connection
  • You’ll transition from the third dimension to the fifth dimension with more ease and joy

As you listen to this recording you’ll energetically be connected to the diamond grid, the highest frequency on the planet of liquid love and light. You’ll be lead through the Diamond Heart Awakenings process to activate your personal diamond and 5d diamond heart. You will harmonizes with your unique Soul blueprint wherever you are on your path.

Clearings and Connections Audio Program

Introduction to the Diamond Grid and Diamond Heart Awakening Process

  • Written instructions for the Activation
  • Audio instructions with clearings embedded to start the process
  • Diamond Heart Awakening Diamond activation with embedded clearings
  • Choice by email of 2 Diamond Facet clearing clearing or connecting audios
  • Access to Diamond Tele-series calls
  • DHA AM and PM prayer intentions audio and written form
  • DHA clearing statements

“After the The Diamond Activation, listening to the clearing and connections audios, I find I am no longer as fearful as I used to be. This process has reminded me to let go of control and be accepting as things unfold.” ~DL St. Petersburg, FL

$133 ($199)

2 Carat Diamond Heart Awakenings

Activation, Clearings and Connection Audio Program

  • Introduction to the Diamond Grid and Diamond Heart Awakening Process
  • Written instructions for the Activation
  • Audio instructions with clearings embedded to start the process
  • Diamond Heart Awakening Diamond activation with embedded clearings
  • Choice by email of 2 Diamond Facet clearing clearing or connecting audios
  • Access to Diamond Tele-series calls
  • DHA AM and PM prayer intentions audio and written form
  • DHA clearing statements
  • One Mini Diamond Facet clearing/connection session with Bonnie (15-20 minutes)

Special $199 ($299)

Multi Carat Individual Diamond Heart Awakenings Alchemy Coaching Activations, Alignments, Clearings and Connections

For individual Diamond Heart Awakenings Activation, Clearing, Manifestation Attunements and Connections packages with Bonnie please email:

fingerlab150The Finger Labyrinth

Includes small finger labyrinth on 8in x 9in duck cloth with stone and easy directions. Find peace of mind, focus, relax or a quiet space to “hear” the answers to your questions…walk the labyrinth. A labyrinth brings a sense of calm, peace and balance to your mind, body and soul. People use labyrinths to become more focused, relieve stress, and connect to something higher than themselves; what many call God. Research done using labyrinths shows blood pressure and heart rate stabilizes. Participants reported, on rating scales, increased scores in hope and happiness after using labyrinths for several weeks.

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Soothing Soundpaths to SerenitySoothing Soundpaths to Serenity

New research tells us that taking just 10 minutes on a regular basis to relax, visualize soothing images, say positive affirmations, or just be still has a huge positive impact on both our physical and emotional health. This CD is designed to de-stress and relax the listener quickly. Hear five experts share stress reduction techniques. Select from a variety of eight short tracks. Relax anytime, anyplace.

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IMG_1198Trust Your Dreams Into Reality Individual Session

In your session we will connect to the powerful energy of:

  • The Sacred Portal created for this call, with your personal angels and guides, and with the new Angelic assistance available to us for creation (and all those asking to live their dreams)
  • Deeply connect to the being-states to gracefully embody your dreams
  • Open new channels of the energy for your personal self mastery and empowerment
  • Ground” the energy of your dreams, desires and intentions for continued energy and transformation on a specially created energetic Diamond Mandala

If this is calling to you and you feel the excitement in the air, email and details will be sent to you for an individual Trusting Your Dreams into Reality Session. (If you have a group or three or more, let me know for a special group price).

You can also order the Trusting Your Dreams Audio. This process is a transformational tool originally created for the energy of new beginnings for the year 2014 but is a powerful tool to start a new project or to move your focus towards your dreams.


Pinange Diamond Women’s Tele Gathering Circle Recordings

I am deeply passionate about as many of us moving into the energy of the Solar Feminine. As we do that we offer the energy of our shift to all women who are asking. And, I would love to have you journey with us as you…. Claim more of your personal power! Find that deep knowing and inner trust in your life that emerges as beautifully as the bud of an exquisite flower that opens naturally to embrace the light.

You will receive:

  • A recording of the tele-gatherings to listen at your convenience
  • A summary of the information and suggestions for follow up after the tele-gathering
  • A shift in understanding and owning the value of who you truly are while navigating life with less reaction and more choice. That’s where magic and grace of “synchronicities”, new possibilities flow to you in a way you never could never plan or even imagine)
  • *This tele-gathering is over, but you will be sent the recordings to listen to at your connivence.

$111 $88

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