Reclaiming the Goddess


Reclaiming the Goddess:

An online Diamond Program to reignite the passion and power of your inner Sacred Feminine

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Become the heroine of your life story as you expand into your personal diamond Goddess Soul Signature.

Your inner goddess is the Wild woman, the priestess, the huntress, the mother, the lover, the muse, the alchemist and more. She is uncompromising in her ability to live fully alive with unbridled passion.

Your Inner Goddess is a complex and multifaceted dance of energetic impulses, stemming from the primal archetypal forces that flow through (the human psyche) us.

Through this program, you’ll enhance your understanding of the Goddess archetypes within you, and more effortlessly own the value of who you truly are. As you do this you’ll discover your Goddess energy connects you more deeply to your inner compass, intuition, guidance, your source of passion and inspiration and the destiny of yourself unfolding.

Reclaiming the Goddess within is:

  • a journey that will reveal hidden powers and resources of the goddess energy within you that will enable you to live a more potent life.
  • about reuniting with your divine, sacred feminine, facets of which may be dormant or over-active within you.
  • recognizing which of the Goddess archetypes you resonate more strongly with and which you need to develop in order to propel your life forward.
  • opening into an expanded sense of trust and safety, feeling a deeper sense of calm and peace in a busy and uncertain world.
  • an expansion of who you came here to be. The energy of the archetypal Goddesses are keys to finding, shifting and living life in a more empowered, authentic, fun, and compassionate way.
  • the cultivation of more effortless, deep self-nurturing and self-love.
  • about the powerful attunement to your purpose for being here right now.
  • feeling free to activate your creative goddess energy as you bring your next steps forward on your path with deep and joyful passion and commitment.
  • a way to dive in and connect to the primal and ancestral energy of the Goddess Archetypes alive and expressing through you

In this year of 2016, there’s an urgent call from our Soul to express our authenticity in all areas of our life. We are beckoned to unveil the stagnant places where our connection to the flow has been impeded. It is a time of ripening and renewal.

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It’s a time of rebalancing of relationships as we heal the inner marriage between masculine and feminine, creating space for the holy inner union of Divine Love.

As this happens your relationships with yourself, your family, your work, your health and life takes on a new harmonic resonance of fun, lightness, love, enhanced communication, respect and healthy boundaries.

We hold a strong intention as you move through these webinars, that you’ll feel the power of being the Goddess, the alchemist, allowing what has keep you bound in shackles to fall away. To feel the love from the Great Mother for yourself as you more easily nurture your body, mind and spirit and have a revitalized energy flow into all your relationships.

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Is there an area in your life where you may need the courage to stand your ground and speak your truth despite others dismay at your choices?

Do you have a desire to find the time and energy to nurture yourself more fully, not neglect yourself, for others or for your “work”?

Or perhaps you’re looking to unleash the wild woman inside of you, to embrace spontaneity, to let your hair down and make the space for more fun and joy in your life?

Or maybe you want to waltz with life rather than struggling with it?

Reclaiming the Goddess correctwords

6 Week Webinar Series 6:00 pm London / 1:00 pm Eastern / 11:00 am Mountain / 10:00 am Pacific (all Sessions will be recorded)

There is still time to sign up, catch up (or follow your own timetable)  and join the energy of women 

calling in their powerful goddess energies to manifest changes inside and out. 

During this 6 week webinar series we’ll explore 6 main goddess archetypes. You’ll learn what goddess archetype energy you’re naturally using and are working for you. You’ll also discover which goddess archetypes you want to call forth, to fully embody the divine feminine, or to expand and connect more deeply to your purpose, move through a challenging situation or to allow for more joy and fun.  You’ll learn the “shadow” side of each goddess and how to “balance” both the uplifting and shadow aspects of each of the goddess archetypes. Each week there will be follow up activities for you to explore, anchor, and call forth these energies within yourself.

You’ll also have a community of women to share, ask questions and celebrate with in a private Facebook Group. 

This Reclaiming the Goddess program will support you with:

  • learning how to call in  the 6 goddess archetypes forth in yourself when you need them
  • Expanding and Blossoming in unexpected ways
  • Surrendering more easily to your soul’s blueprint
  • Shining your diamond essence with courage and pride
  • Finding and expanding into your natural archetypes
  • Opening more deeply to the power of the archetypes that are important for you now
  • Being smart and savvy about the shadow sides of Goddess energies
  • Recognizing the enriching aspects of your Goddess archetypes
  • Deepening relationships with yourself and others
  • Learning how to connect with the helpful Goddess qualities at will, and sustain the flow.
  • Uniting with your deepest longings
  • Aligning with, and empowering your visions and dreams for manifestation
  • Dealing with conflicts in an appropriate and enlightened way (with ourselves and others)
  • Navigating challenges with a deeper sense of trust and clarity
  • Being supported, centered and balanced for your journey this year
  • Fueling your life with a new vibrancy

Reclaiming the Goddess:An online Diamond Program to reignite the passion and power of your inner Sacred Feminine

Join Julie Umpleby from Diamond Light World and Bonnie Snyder from Diamond Pathways for a journey into reclaiming, reconnecting and receiving the energy of the divine goddesses within.

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As a teacher and facilitator of Diamond Consciousness, Julie  uses a variety of energy modalities to assist others in awakening and expanding into elevated states of consciousness. Her purpose that infuses everything she does, is to support others in stepping into their grandest expression of SELF, and to live a life that is joyful, aligned, fulfilled and internally (spiritually) guided. Visit Julie at

Bonnie Snyder is a Certified Life Balance Coach, a Graduate of the Authentic Happiness Coaching Program (studying Positive Psychology), and iBonnie-Snyder-Abouts Diplomat in Energy Psychology. Through her many years and studies of energy modalities she has become a master energy shifter and alchemist. Bonnie uses her expertise in the mind body Soul heart connection to support women (and men) to be their most radiant heart centered empowered selves.


What people have said:

From The 7 Gateways of Grace program Julie and Bonnie Facilitated in  November 2015.

~”I absolutely loved the “7 Gateways of Grace 2015″! The preparation and presentations were beautifully executed and I feel it was one of the best programs that I have participated in! Congratulations to Julie and Bonnie for a job extremely well done and I look forward to attending more in the future!” Katie C.

~”I felt emotions and issue that I didn’t even know existed. Through the process I feel they were gently and gracefully addressed. I learnt a lot about myself in s very positive way.” a comment from the 7 Gateways of Grace Final Survey

“Definitely was Divine Timing. It helped me to move through a lot of things that started to come up for me energetically in reaction to world events.”~ a comment from the 7 Gateways of Grace Final Survey

Read more about Julie at

and read more about what people have said about Bonne at  success stories


            Sessions are March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, and April

     If you can’t attend live, all the webinars will be recorded

5:00 pm London / 1:00 pm Eastern / 11:00 am Mountain / 10:00 am Pacific/7:00 PM South Africa

One payment of $166


Two payments of $85


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