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BONNIE-HEARTplain-with-transparent-background Diamond Laser Sessions

*15-Minute Diamond Laser Sessions were created to give you relief and support to move through and let go of whatever is holding you back… right now! $35

Diamond Laser Sessions will support you in:

~ Releasing a specific issue you are having trouble with

~ Regaining your balance after having been “thrown” off by a situation or person

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Diamond_orange,pinkThe Pinange Diamond: Unveiling the Divine Feminine Within

Listen to 6 audio tele-gathering with 7 short energy shifting audios to support you in standing in your power.

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Bio Small Photo-Me-copyI have found Bonnie Snyder to be so inspiring and knowledgeable! She has the ability to open doors to new perspectives and understandings. Her soothing demeanor is very nurturing and immediately puts one at ease. Bonnie is a wonderful coach capable of offering calm insights into a more balanced approach that we can apply in our lives. She is a true “gem” that I value most highly!!!” Katie C., Illumine Art Enterprises

jan“Last fall I was in the processing of closing down my hypnosis consulting practice when I took a group course from Bonnie. Her insightful work helped me have a peaceful transitional journey and become more connected to the harmony of my masculine and feminine self creating positive changes in the way I handle life’s issues. I love the way she conducts her courses and groups and connects with each participant, and  I recommend her programs to everyone I know who would benefit from such a caring, intuitive coach.  She is a blessing to me, and I value the insights she brings into my life.” Jan R Stress Management Consultant

Diamond Heart“it is so refreshing to be more in alignment with my feminine “goddess” energy and expression of myself and balancing it with my masculine energy. I have noticed that when I take time to align with the whole me expressing that I shift from my tendency of just “doing” passionately to getting things done to “doing” from a place of “being” who I am and I feel more in the Universal flow and energy of life.  It is a peaceful place to “be” and I appreciate it.”

Now you can listen to the entire course on audio.

The Solar Feminine is the marriage of the sacred feminine and masculine within us as women. It is about the feminine characteristics that are familiar to us as being soft, compassionate, deep, creative, nurturing, and supportive. When these are blended or married to passion, action, being energetic and inspired, setting boundaries, being powerful, and having compassion for ourselves and others, we stand in our true authentic divine power.

.$111 $88 Order-Now-Purple

multi-diamonds Diamond Activation, Clearings and Connections Audio Programs

~ Introduction to the Diamond Grid and Diamond Heart Awakening Process

~ Diamond Heart Awakening Diamond activation with embedded clearings

~ Choice by email of 2 Diamond Facet clearing clearing or connecting audios

~ DHA AM and PM prayer intentions audio and written form

~ DHA clearing statements

~ One Mini Diamond Facet clearing/connection session with Bonnie (15-20 minutes)

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flower-of-life-300x210 max
Akashic Records Reading

I have had Akashic Record readings before and they were very helpful. Doing readings with Max has been profoundly uplifting, life enhancing and has supported me in opening up to who I am truly am in ways I would never have imagined. The Soul “guidance and healing” that occurs during and after these readings for me has been truly magical. I always feel like I am “home” when Max opens the records.~Bonnie

“The Akashic Records are a vast “data base” – envision a big library – that reveals the depth & breadth of the wisdom of your soul through time. Experiencing a reading in the Akashic Records is all about authentic empowerment and a way to remember who you truly are. Bottom line…a reading in the Akashic Records is a portal for awakening.” Max Wellspring is best known as a transformational catalyst. She is an expert in assisting people to relax and enjoy their lives while easily knowing and trusting that anything is possible. When individuals or businesses are looking for the roadmap for fulfillment and success, they have partnered with Max for her coaching skills in working through obstacles to create the most viable, sustainable solution, whether it is a life issue, career move, or business decision.

Max Wellspring is best known as a transformational catalyst. She is an expert in assisting people to relax and enjoy their lives while easily knowing and trusting that anything is possible. When individuals or businesses are looking for the roadmap for fulfillment and success, they have partnered with Max for her coaching skills in working through obstacles to create the most viable, sustainable solution, whether it is a life issue, career move, or business decision.

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nonlocalflow Non-Local Flow – Good Chi, The Sea and Me

I was touched by two beautiful spirits one here and one no longer “here” at a Fall Festival. Looking at Tanya’s beautiful art work (note cards, calendar and her fine art) and listening to Mary talk about how her daughter’s “ever changing soul search for a more open-minded happiness” I knew I wanted to share this with you. ~Bonnie

tanya_from_back_cover“I lost my daughter,Tanya on June 21, 2009 as a passenger in a single car crash. They say time heals all wounds, but I had no hope of waiting for this to heal. My daughter was my heart, and now she was gone. How could I live without her in my life? How dare I, her mother, continue to breathe when my daughter no longer could? I would have to create a new heart from scratch, and the best therapy for me was not found in a cushy chair beside a mental health counselor, who prescribed high doses of antidepressants and sleeping pills to quell my deep rooted grief. I chose rather, in somewhat of an obsessive necessity, to vicariously ride the waves of Tanya’s countless adventures by thoughtfully reading her many journals. And within these worn pages, many of which are stand-alone works of art, I found a living treasure of poetry, prose, paintings and the most compelling storytelling I could ever hope to find. With careful selection, I transcribed the entries and created Non-Local Flow: Good Chi, The Sea and Me beautiful art and story. Tanya’s journey of self-discovery that begs to be shared. Please find her artwork and book at

wish The Wish Project

“With the innocent wisdom of a child: Did you ever blow a dandelion wish to the sky? Or wish upon an evening star? Or said a quiet heartfelt prayer? The Wish Project is here to help.”

From Jo ~ “These times right now are why we were born and what we came here to do. We each wanted the opportunity to participate in creating a new and magnificent world. A world filled with love and joy. A world where there is peace, health, happiness, abundance and prosperity. This is our time now to shine. Our time to live from our heart and allow our belief in something much greater to carry us through the changes currently taking place. This time right now is just the completion of the old ways to make room for the creation of something new. This time of change is sometimes known as chaos, or the Divine Chaos of Creation. It is from the chaos that we will begin to create something much more wonderful for everyone.”

We have listened to Jo for several years. This is one of her gifts to us which was extended through this year. Visit her at

divine alchemy bottle Colour Matrix Essences

ALCHEMY – SACRED MARRIAGE (Clear with Red/Sparkles) Color Matrix Bottle (one of many Color Matrix Essences)

The White Queen (Moon) and the Red King (Sol)- The symbolic Union of male-female. It assists you to regain balance, allowing you to view your life with fresh eyes ad from a higher perspective. It will bring light to any situation, and with the high vibration it holds, will create safe and positive shifts and changes.

These wonderfully healing essences, resonate beautifully with all energies, whilst holding you safe and grounded. SpritzersRemedies and Auric Pomanders are lovingly created to enable the user to heal, align, rebalance and will create greater self-awareness, along your spiritual path. The results can sometimes be  immediate, and on other occasions, more subtle, bringing a sense of peace and wellbeing. beautiful Colour Matrix Essences and Remedies are poured in Glastonbury alongside the Mary & Michael Ley lines and over the Chalice Well waters…. Color Matrix Essences with their very specific formulation, gentle, delicate fragrances,all of which carries a vibrational ‘note’ and unique signature.The natural ingredients, which Mother Nature provides in abundance include: flower, plants,and tree tinctures, gems and crystals, sacred sound and Holy Well water. They are hand poured into clear glass bottles.

Each  bottle is a key to consciousness, offering the opportunity to open ourselves to a deeper aspect of who we are. It then allows us to recognize more about who we are and to heal ourselves. Each bottle choice is a Key to your own personal journey, assisting you to unlock your full potential. Each combination contains a carefully selected blend of tinctures and essences which facilitates inner change & transformation that is gentle, effective and life enhancing.

I have ordered several bottles and have found them to be perfect timing for whatever energy I wanted to tap into!

slide-womens-energetics Enlightened Energetics

I found Lisa searching for children’s spiritual books. She not only had some of our favorites but had more to offer. She is the the MommyMystic. In addition to teaching and private sessions, Lisa also writes online for several sites. She is the creator of the popular women’s spirituality blog, Mommy Mystic, where she has long shared insights and resources on sexual trauma healing, energy work for women, chakras, women mystics, and women’s spirituality.  She is a founding contributor to Meditate Like a Girl, a monthly online magazine dedicated to exploring meditation in all its forms with ‘feminine style and verve.’ She is the Buddhism editor for, the largest non-commercial website for women, and posts regular articles and book reviews there. There are many things to enjoy on her site but two of our favorites.

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