remembering audio no urlRemember and Reconnect to Your Divine Light

mount_magnificentflyingcarpet purple (1)Imagine yourself on a carpet ride.

Find the little child who is you. Follow the child; remember playing joyfully and happy. Merge with the little child and open your arms to the light. Listen to the message reminding you came here for a reason; remember your divine light and how your gifts return to you differently.

You came with a plan to shine your divine light, to share your gifts effortlessly, without hesitation and fear to be yourself.

Now is the time. With the new energy of 2016 it is time to remember, claim your divine gifts and share them effortlessly. It is time to be and to shine your light. Genetics and a lifetime of forgetting our true light have dimmed the Divine Diamond Light. Take a ride on a magic carpet and return to remembering. Return ready to radiate your light with more grace, ease, than ever before.

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butterflywingsEnergy Shifter – Update Your Butterfly Wings

Where in your life could you use an “update”?

How many times do you get an update for a program on your computer or phone? For our technology to work efficiently, and to interface with other devices quickly and easily, we have to continue to “update” our devices.

Are you ready to update your wings? Updating our butterfly wings connects us to our infinite selves.

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butterfliesEnergy Shifter – Disolving the Cloak of Invisibility

Create more Space to Tap into your infinite self. Access more fully the feeling of experience of “free to be truly me” confident and transparent. A first step in remembering, reclaiming and realizing the freedom and magic of your unique divine God-Self.

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BONNIE-HEARTplain-with-transparent-backgroundDiamond Heart Awakenings

Audios for an energetic upgrade from the old way of being to the new normal of truly living life from your heart. Diamond Heart Awakenings is an interface to unlimited possibilities, love, joy and a direct connection to the Source within you, to your Soul’s guidance and your unique Soul Blueprint.

Read and find out  more about the Diamond Activation, Diamond Heart Magic and clearing and connection audios at

gwcover150Gossamer Wings Free to just … Be CD (children’s Gossamer Wings available below)

Would you like to calm the chatter and thoughts that fill your mind?

This CD is a magical blend of descriptive imagery, inspired music and divine love that gently transports you beyond… beyond the chaos of life… beyond the barriers of the mind… beyond time, to a quiet space deep inside, where only you can hear the whispers of your dreams, your passions and your purpose.

In this quiet space, you can connect to the beauty, joy and truth of your authentic self and your pure potential…

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amybutterflydonemissingabswordsoriginal-300x249For Kids and Parents: A Butterfly Story

A Butterfly Story is not only a relaxing audio but it offers you a wonderful opportunity as a parent to actively build resilience and confidence in your child by asking questions about the caterpillar’s journey.

For example some simple questions to ask your child:

  • What happened when the caterpillar tried to be like the another animals?
  • What happened when the caterpillar listened to the wise voice inside when he was scared?
  • When were times when you (your child) listened to their inner wise voice? What happened?
  • What do they think are their special strengths (include strengths like kindness, good listening, helpfulness, creativity etc not just talents)?

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tn_Lullaby_Book_Cover_-_June_2013I will Always Be With You (a book and CD)

Amy is a gifted harpist whose music is truly transforming. I am blessed to have her amazing gift of  music as the companion to my meditations. ~Bonnie

“After September 11, 2001, my heart ached for all those children who lost their parents…and for all those parents who lost their children. As a mother, that is one of my greatest fears – to think my children will be without me. As a professional harpist, I use music to express my feelings, so one October evening I was playing a new melody on the harp. Our two sons named the melody “I Will Always Be With You” then went to bed. My heart opened and the words came. In 15 minutes the song was complete. It was so simple…yet it said everything.” Amy Camie

Here are some of the lyrics to give you an idea of the message:

When you’re sleeping
When you’re dreaming
I will always be with you

When the wind blows
When the snow falls
I will always be with you

When the sun comes up each morning
When the stars come out at night
When you look up at a rainbow
I’ll be there…

cloudjanWhite Cloud Relaxation Audio Download by Jan Rysdon, Stress Management Consultant

If you are looking for a way to calm your mind, release tension in your body, or get a really good night’s sleep, then this ten-minute relaxation session is just what you need. Progressive relaxation along with specific breathing techniques have been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and worry while allowing the body’s own natural healing processes to take place. I’m wondering if you’re beginning to enjoy the possibilities these peaceful ten minutes will bring you!

The White Cloud Relaxation is also a perfect gift for that special someone in your life who needs a gentle assist to fall asleep or function more successfully while awake. A client once told me that he put this CD into his computer while he was sitting on the bed in his hotel room. When he woke up the next morning, the computer was still on the bed beside him, and he felt more rested than he had in a long time.

Jan is an amazing hypnotist and her goal is to provide individualized, compassionate, and effective consulting services to create stress-hardy individuals who live their personal and professional lives with happy hearts. The services she provides are integrative in nature and complementary to any medical care her clients receive. If you want to “make changes, Jan invites you to visit her website at to learn how that can happen. It’s time to create positive change NOW!”

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