Success Stories

I am so grateful for the organizational piece that Bonnie brings to my life during our sessions. It’s always amazing how I always get the “tools” I need to get back in the game. After a session with Bonnie there’s a magical quality of cohesiveness and new possibilities to whatever I bring to the session whether it’s to achieve an intention or a physical goal. When I get stuck in a rabbit hole (big or little), nobody can shift the energy to get out  of the rabbit hole like Bonnie can. ~ Kimberly P.

I hired Bonnie as my Life Coach. I needed to change some of the ways I deal with the unknown. I had let the demands of my business take precedence over some of my important family and other relationships. Bonnie listened to my goals and concerns and tailored her approach to my needs. Working with Bonnie helped me to better understand how to remove the limitations I have imposed on myself over the years, and how to more quickly recognize and release patterns of behavior that do not always serve me. I wasn’t convinced that I could make the changes quickly but with Bonnie’s coaching I made changes to the way I was thinking and what I was doing more easily than I had hoped. I could see the results come to me from week to week. This was one of the best investments of time and money I have made for myself in years. Thanks, Bonnie! ~ AS Director, EKOLU & Associates LLC a health and human services information technology company

Diamond HeartWhen the old feelings of self hatred have popped up, I have gone into my diamond light, used the image of being surrounded and cushioned in this light, reminding my spirit of my connection to all possibilities from above and being grounded below to all and any support that I need. Doing this has reminded me that I am loved, protected, safe and have any and all knowledge that I need. I have noticed that I feel my love for myself stronger, believe in my innate abilities, and have less tension in my body. My conscious mind relaxes and the self hatred has no place to set up camp so moves out I have learned that when I am relaxed and in my Diamond Light, where I know I am loved and safe, that “answers” to questions about “what do I do” come easily and naturally. Maybe not right then, but sooner than later!! They come from the place of just being who I naturally am. When I am tense, pressuring myself, “trying” hard, the true, real, genuine answers can’t come to the surface. Going into my Diamond Light and visualizing my connection to all knowledge from above and all support needed from below helps me relax and return to being, well, just my genuine self. Thanks for walking this journey by my side. I am grateful for your support and knowledge. ~ Cindi C Dunedin

When I had my first appointment with Bonnie I was uptight about an approaching meeting with new clients that I had some history with. You see, even though I am successful, and have been in my industry for 28 years, I still had some snags. I was also ready to give up the feelings of rejection I had when friends or prospects didn’t answer an email or call me back, leading me to think they really didn’t want to do business with me or otherwise didn’t choose my company. I knew that was ridiculous, but it kept creeping back into my thoughts. Within 30 minutes Bonnie had turned me powerfully around, collapsing those thought and feeling patterns after quickly discovering their origin. After the call I was feeling assured, pleasantly looking forward to my meeting, knowing deep within that whatever happened was the right activity of the Universe, always. I leaned into who I really am and proceeded. It turned out magnificently, by the way. I feel so much lighter. ~ Kasey, Orlando

Diamond HeartBonnie has this remarkable search-and-rescue ability when it comes to helping people in the midst of an emotional crisis. I was in a state of high anxiety from worry about the news I might receive at my dental appointment. Although, I am a competent successful, professional woman my heart rate was up, my energies felt chaotic, and I was frantically surfing for info about ANY other options got for what I had thought might be the outcome of my visit. Right before my appointment, I called Bonnie and somehow, in about ten minutes, she tuned in to me and used her unique combination imagery and “energy work” to deactivate nearly all of my distress. After this brief connection, I was able to show up at my dental appointment feeling so much more centered and hopeful, and darned if all I needed was a small filling. Thanks for being my 911, Bonnie! ~ PB, Orlando

My experience of Bonnie’s laser sessions is that they provided instant relief for issues that had me emotionally activated, upset or feeling stuck. In 15 minutes or less, her ability to dispel the icky energy concerning a challenge created spaciousness, peace of mind and a sense of possibility. I could breathe again. It was amazing to me that in all the situations where Bonnie worked her magic with a laser session, the resolution of my problems unfolded in an amazingly short period of time. These sessions work! ~ Max Wellspring, CA

Bonnie has this very rare gift of seeing into the heart of a challenging situation with lightning speed. Whenever I have called upon her – whether the issue has been in the area of work, family, money or health – she has never wavered in her commitment to see the “issue” as a temporary manifestation that will become 100% resolved as soon as the energy is brought into harmony. With Bonnie’s support I have transformed huge issues that seemed insurmountable – everything from a child struggling to function in school who is now getting straight A’s to a scheduled IRS audit that was eventually dropped without explanation. And Bonnie doesn’t even need to hear the whole story and work all the angles. In less than 10 minutes she can turn the energy of anything you bring to her to harmony and grace. Having access to 10-minute Laser sessions with Bonnie is like having a secret weapon that no one else can imagine. I consider each session I have had with her to be a priceless gem. ~ Elyse Hope Killoran, NJ

Diamond HeartI lost my confidence before making a presentation, for a new company that was interested in my services. I called Bonnie and in less than 15 minutes, I had a completely different perspective and regained my confidence. My shift in perspective helped me present the information in a way I felt totally comfortable. ~ Wendy R, Daytona Beach

Last fall I was in the processing of closing down my hypnosis consulting practice when I took a group course from Bonnie. Her insightful work helped me have a peaceful transitional journey and become more connected to the harmony of my masculine and feminine self creating positive changes in the way I handle life’s issues. I love the way she conducts her courses and groups and connects with each participant, and  I recommend her programs to everyone I know who would benefit from such a caring, intuitive coach. She is a blessing to me, and I value the insights she brings into my life. ~ Jan R, Stress Management Consultant

Diamond HeartDiamond Heart Activation is nothing less than a transcendent experience. It will reveal to you what it means to actually be a wholly integrated multi-dimensional being. What you experience is your body, mind, emotions and spirit functioning harmoniously on all cylinders. And once the diamond light is awakened within you, it can be used as a tool to create very practical benefits in your everyday life. With the support of one of Bonnie’s follow-up Diamond Heart Attunements I received clarity about a marketing article that ultimately yielded a very favorable response for my business. I’m so grateful for the enormous value I have received from this transformative process. ~ M.P Los Angeles

Bonnie’s relaxation tools and energy exercises enable me to unravel the obstacles and move on. Whether I am attending her workshops and presentations, or working with Bonnie on a one-to-one basis, she intuitively knows how to help me slow down to move forward. Bonnie’s expertise with mind /body /soul interaction shines through every time I am working with her. Her plentiful “toolkit” has many, many resources to help me and others get “unstuck”. She helps me and others change the way we perceive our situation so that our mind can become serene and move us through our personal journey path. ~ Rosemary B, TurningPoints2Results

Diamond HeartAs a result of the Diamond Process and Bonnie’s coaching I have become more accepting of those around me and am more open to new ways of doing things. My business was struggling and now I have more than twice the number of clients. After a Diamond Session, I find that I feel more peaceful, more energized, and more in touch with my true self. Bonnie and this process have been a major source of support and understanding through some extremely stressful events that have unfolded in my life including the loss of a loved one. I highly recommend working with Bonnie. It has been an investment in myself! ~ Laurie B, St. Petersburg

I have found Bonnie Snyder to be so inspiring and knowledgeable! She has the ability to open doors to new perspectives and understandings. Her soothing demeanor is very nurturing and immediately puts one at ease. Bonnie is a wonderful coach capable of offering calm insights into a more balanced approach that we can apply in our lives. She is a true “gem” that I value most highly!!! ~ Katie C, Illumine Art Enterprises

Diamond HeartAfter my Diamond Activation I was able to get in touch and trust myself in a way that I had forgotten. After Diamond sessions with Bonnie, I have felt an immediate shift, a sense of peace and a feeling of returning to being who I really am. These sessions have brought more clarity to the choices I make especially the ones that have kept me in a pattern of sacrificing myself. Answers seem to surface more quickly now. Thank you so much Bonnie. I can’t believe what a different experience I have when I recognize and remember who I truly am. ~ CM, Orlando

What people are saying about the Diamond Laser Sessions (from the survey):Diamond Heart

The Diamond Laser Session gave me a boost to move me through what I was dealing with!

It was like getting free of a snag and being able to continue on and finally see the opportunities that were there the whole time.

A doorway opened to creative possibilities I had not thought of before!

What people are saying about the Trusting Your Dreams into Reality Process:Diamond Heart

Thank you! This process has given me a new beginning. ~ Arnie S

I can’t believe how fast things are showing up for me now. ~ Billie T

When I toss the octahedron and read the words, it helps me shift inside. I tap into the energy of the words and feel instantly better. What is even more amazing is the situations that I have dreaded or not looked forward to were easy. Amazing!!! ~ Julie M

I never knew that that something I dreaded could be so much fun. ~ Kittie R

This process has shifted the ways I think about things. It has given me a new place to focus. That was so freeing, yes, yes yes!. Thank you!  ~ Sarah M

I loved Trusting Your Dreams Into Reality. It validated my intuition about what I wanted. It brought out what I know would have made me less successful in the past. I feel I have something that will carry me forward into creating my dreams. ~ Karen P

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