3 Minutes and 3 Magical Gifts

3 Minutes and 3 Gifts of Giving and Receiving I invite you to take just 3 minutes to watch the video to find out about how to create magic with the simple thought of giving and receiving.  During the months of November and into December many of us are grateful we can give gifts to those […]

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Keys to a Divine Holiday Season

The Secret to a Divine Holiday Season! A Key to Keeping Your Inner Light Bright+ a Plan for Joyful Living Don’t let your inner light burn out this season! November is an extraordinary time for diamond light energy. As the days shorten and the nights grow colder and darker, (yes, even in Florida) I’m grateful […]

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What If You Used the Magic of ….

The of month of October, and Halloween, herald the beginning of what can be the most magical and fun months of the year. What if you could harness the magic of these seasons? It’s a time when imagination and creativity have no limits. Just thinking about Halloween may bring images of doing all kinds of fun, […]

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Finding “Happily Grateful”

Once we honor our feelings about the tragic events of this weekend, or any tragic or sad event, it’s important to turn our focus from sadness and anger and other emotions back inside to create a place within of  inner peace and love. Once you have been supportive to those in need, sending prayers and […]

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Walking the Paths to Happiness

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life…”~ Aristotle The end of the school year, the beginning of summer – time to relax a little, and shift the routine. It might be easy to “shift” into another routine instead of following the natural cycles of nature and slowing down and rejuvenating from the inside […]

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