Women’s Chats with a Purpose

Welcome to Diamond Pathways and Owning Our Sensitivity

Highly Sensitive Women!

Are You Ready to Release the Beliefs Holding You Back from Claiming Your intuitive & Empathic Superpowers?

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Supporting and Nourishing Highly Sensitive People to Recognize Their Value and The Gifts they Bring to the World

Imagine what would happen if you saw past your “perceived limitations” and embodied the fullness of your unique gifts inside?

White Lioness Circles

Women’s circles exemplify the idea that within the loving embrace of our sisters we accomplish so much more than we can on our own.

Women's Chats with a Purpose

Join us to have fun, bring your favorite beverage, and engage in lively conversation. April 18 on Zoom. Chat Topic: You Can Create Magic

Spa Pochette Bags

Gift bags for inspiration, inner peace, and self trust. Bring a smile to someone’s face with this thoughtfully put together, unique gift.

Are you highly sensitive?

Does it matter if you are highly sensitive, intuitive, or empathic?

Owning Our Sensitivity

The magic is within you and is you with your extraordinary sensitive gifts.  

Many HSPs, empaths, and intuitives have experienced a time or a situation where they felt less then or unworthy, go into comparison or feel they just don’t fit in.

Knowing and understanding yourself more deeply empowers you from the inside out with the freedom to be the spark of light and the powerful self you came here to be.

You don’t have to journey alone.

This is a safe, supportice space for highly sensitive (HSP) women to find inner peace  and empowering ways to find the courage, nourishment, and clarity to embody the gifts you have within and connect more deeply to your inner, most authentic self.

My intention  is to support you and all of us in having the confidence to move beyond what doesn’t serve us any longer.   

It’s time to own and embody your amazing gifts fearlessly with the compassion and courage. The world needs your unique gifts.



How are the diamond, sacred octahedron  and high sensitivity connected?

The Diamond, Sacred 8 faceted Octahedron 

Diamond Light Energy and the sacred diamond is high frequency energy embodied in and through what is known as the sacred octahedron or ‘Diamond’.  When you focus on your personal diamond, as an energy form around and through your body, your individual spark of light unfolds and radiates through all the facets of your diamond.  The sacred octahedron, your personal diamond, is like a super highway, connecting your physical body to your eternal essence or spark of light, which then unfolds and begins to amplify. You may also like to think of your Diamond as your Source connection. 

If you are highly sensitive, connecting to your personal diamond matrix is vital, as it is a strong, stable field of energy just like the diamond is the hardest stone we know of. The diamond amplifies your unique spark of light and your gifts,  anchoring you more deeply into your high sensory abilities. The bottom pyramid of the diamond connects and supports you in grounding and connecting to the earth, and the upper pyramid of the diamond through a column of light connects you multidimensionally to all that is unseen in the cosmos. You literally become a ‘Living Bridge’ between all that is seen and known and all that is unseen, felt and intuited.


A Message From Bonnie

Merging thirty years of psychology and energy-based trainings, Intuitive Life Balance Coach and Energy Psychology Diplomate Bonnie Snyder, Ed.S.,CPC, DCEP supports overwhelmed highly sensitive women to uncover and release their limiting thoughts and beliefs so they can embrace their sensitivities as the superpowers that they are. She compassionately meets her clients where they are and intuitively chooses from her many modalities, such as Self Havening, Donna Eden Energy Medicine, Positive Psychology and EFT to name a few.

As a third-generation empath and intuitive, Bonnie remembers, from a young age, what if felt like trying to “fit” into the confines of what was expected of her and the tremendous effort it took to smother her light, gifts, and sensitivities. That experience, her own inner work, and personal journey led her to the own her light and support other highly sensitive women to do the same. Through her private and group sessions including the White Lioness Circles, and her Virtual Spa® offerings Bonnie empowers women to create more magic, ease and grace in every area of their lives.

She is the host of the HSP: Owning Our Sensitivity Podcast, author of the children’s book, Angel Violet’s Magic Wings and coauthor of multiple books including Be Your Most Powerful Self,
 & Life Shifts: Women’s Stories of Surrendering to and Rising Above Life’s Challenges.

Are You Ready to Release the Beliefs Holding You Back from Claiming Your Empathic Superpowers?

Your magical inner child is waiting to support you in releasing all that is holding you back from your best life. Get your FREE 5pc Diamond Matrix Belief Clearing Gift Set.