Some of Our Favorite Books

 Thank you to the Mommy Mystic for many of the spiritual books!

Children’s Books

Angel Violet's Magic WingsAngel Violet’s Magic Wings

Angel Violet’s Magic Wings is a full color, beautifully illustrated digital and print storybook inspired by the desire to give our precious little ones a tool to cope, heal and thrive in a world of stress and uncertainty, to be the best they can be. Making this storybook unique are the “Parent Notes” which offer ideas and questions to facilitate communication and to open avenues for children to recognize how they are feeling. With easy prompts, parents and grandparents can relax and guide children to express their feelings, find their strengths, and build resilience. This picture book is an easy way for children to learn how to feel safe and shift from feeling yucky to “sparkling” again. Read more here.

“Angel Violet, helps children sweep away their negative emotions. While this is a book to read to young children, author Bonnie Snyder has included Parents Notes throughout the book, to guide parents in discussing emotions with their children… These words begin the story of Angel Violet, who helps children sweep away their negative emotions. Great stocking stuffer for highly sensitive/ intuitive children!” ~Dr. Laura Markham  from in her December newsletter

tn_Lullaby_Book_Cover_-_June_2013I Will Always Be With You

Amy is a gifted harpist whose music is truly transforming. I am blessed to have her amazing gift of music as the companion to my meditations. ~Bonnie

“After September 11, 2001, my heart ached for all those children who lost their parents…and for all those parents who lost their children. As a mother, that is one of my greatest fears – to think my children will be without me. As a professional harpist, I use music to express my feelings, so one October evening I was playing a new melody on the harp. Our two sons named the melody, “I Will Always Be With You” then went to bed. My heart opened and the words came. In 15 minutes the song was complete. It was so simple…yet it said everything.” Amy Camie

Here are some of the lyrics to give you an idea of the message:

When you’re sleeping
When you’re dreaming
I will always be with you
When the wind blows
When the snow falls
I will always be with you
When the sun comes up each morning
When the stars come out at night
When you look up at a rainbow
I’ll be there…

tapping play bookTapping Play to Create Your Happy Rainbow Day

Tapping Play is a wonderful gift of love for children: love of self, love of their uniqueness, love of movement, love of singing, love of self-expression, love of positive feelings, and love for life. This daily celebration of your beautiful and unique child through the act of singing and tapping helps teach your child to love themselves and be able to verbalize it! The 7 songs, one for each day of the week, emphasize positive self-esteem verses, happy thoughts, I am affirmations, joyful expressions of self-love and happy hugs. All SEVEN songs are FREE downloads with the purchase of this book. These upbeat songs of love and celebration have no age limit.” We all love this one! Great for just a daily dose of love or if there are some upset feelings.

The 7 Laws of Raising Financially Independent Kids

The 7 Laws of Raising Financially Independent Kids shows parents and grandparents the most effective methods to teach, inspire and coach their children into the true financial competence that will enable them to create the exciting, enchanted life of their dreams.

Since 1983 Kasey Claytor has been a financial advisor and now operates a Registered Investment Advisory Firm in Florida. She is a trained wealth coach, and an author of two other books, The God of Anna, and The 7 Big Mistakes Investors Make & The 7 Habits of Successful Investors, as well as several articles on investing, achieving prosperity, and coaching to success.

“I wrote this book to save our children years of struggling to find their dreams. I want to empower families by showing them how easy it is to discover their destiny.” Kasey is a very successful financial advisor who has succeeded in balancing and blending her financial skill set and intuitive side creating a balanced way of living and sharing her gifts in a more male dominated industry.

magic tree bookTap The Magic Tree

Every book needs you to turn the pages. But not every book needs you to tap it, shake it, jiggle it, or even blow it a kiss. Innovative and timeless, Tap the Magic Tree asks you to help one lonely tree change with the seasons. Now that’s interactive—and magical!

It begins with a bare brown tree. But tap that tree, turn the page, and one bright green leaf has sprouted! Tap again—one, two, three, four—and four more leaves have grown on the next page. Pat, clap, wiggle, jiggle, and see blossoms bloom, apples grow, and the leaves swirl away with the autumn breeze.

sara books 3 setThe 3 Book Set of the Sara Series: The Foreverness of Friends of a Feather, Solomon’s Fine Featherless Friends, and a Talking Owl Is Worth a Thousand Words (Sara Series, 1, 2, 3

“Sara wants to feel good and happy and loving, but as she looks around, she doesn’t feel much to feel that about. This all changes when she meets Solomon, a wise old owl, who shows her how to see things differently through the eyes of unconditional love. He teaches Sara how to always be in an atmosphere of pure positive energy. She sees for the first time who she really is and her unlimited potential.” This has been our family’s favorite. Children from very young to late childhood will relate to these books.

all is see bookAll I See Is Part of Me

“In a journey that carries the reader far beyond the printed page, a child discovers his common link with all of Life. Inspired by Sister Star, he finds the light within his heart and, as his version expands, he sees that same light in all other things.”

what-is-godWhat is God?

What is God? by Etan Bortizer – This book could almost serve as the mission statement for this blog. Designed to answer a child asking ‘what is God?’ it provides both a poetic and open-ended vision, and introduces the idea of world religions by exploring the different ways each view God. It includes a page on each religion’s holy books, and even touches on the concept of religious intolerance and disagreement. If you have a very orthodox view of God, this book might not be for you, but if you consider yourself more interfaith-oriented, it is perfect. It was a bit wordy for my four-year old, but I think she will grow into it.

little soul and sunThe Little Soul and the Sun

The Little Soul and the Sun is a simple and powerful story that brings children a very profound truth: there is not absolute good or bad–that underneath all that happens in the world, all that we call “good” and all that we call “bad,” is love. Your child will discover a God that she or he can love, because God is love, as are all the Little Souls who are a part of God. And perhaps parents, too, will rediscover who they really are.




ah ha parenting
Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting

Based on the latest research on brain development and extensive clinical experience with parents, Dr. Laura Markham’s approach is as simple as it is effective. Her message: Fostering emotional connection with your child creates real and lasting change. When you have that vital connection, you don’t need to threaten, nag, plead, bribe—or even punish.

Dr. Laura Markham is a clinical psychologist turned parenting coach and author who promotes a relationship-based model of parenting. Dr. Laura’s book Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting supports parents to manage their own emotions, both to deal mindfully with a distressed child and to teach the child successful emotional regulation by modeling.

This remarkable guide will help parents better understand their own emotions—and get them in check—so they can parent with healthy limits, empathy, and clear communication to raise a self-disciplined child. Step-by-step examples give solutions and kid-tested phrasing for parents of toddlers right through the elementary years.

If you’re tired of power struggles, tantrums, and searching for the right “consequence,” look no further. You’re about to discover the practical tools you need to transform your parenting in a positive, proven way. Aha Parenting web site.


Endorsed by all the Moms on the Conscious Women and Family Board


website-banner-with-parenting-booksThe Gentle Parent: Positive, Practical, Effective Discipline Changing the world one little heart at a time…

“Gentle Parenting is about guiding instead of controlling, connecting instead of punishing, encouraging instead of demanding. It’s about listening, understanding, responding and communicating.

Your Childs strengthsYour Child’s Strengths

With this groundbreaking work, renowned educator Jenifer Fox argues against the flawed and maddening paradigm that “fixing” kids’ weaknesses is the way to achieve success. Rather, Fox promotes focusing on kids’ natural inclinations in three interdependent areas: Activity Strengths, Relationship Strengths, and Learning Strengths. Pairing inspiring firsthand accounts of success with practical workbook tools, alongside an outline of the award-winning strengths-based Affinities curriculum Fox has implemented in her own school, Your Child’s Strengths is a user-friendly and indispensable guide for parents, teachers, and administrators alike.


Uplifting for the Body Mind and Soul


karencastleauthor:booksKaren Castle, MA is author of two books relating the ancient goddess Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth, to our modern era. Karen is committed to helping women, men and children awaken to their highest potential and experience the essence of a liberated life. She is an Acupuncturist, Breathwork facilitator and Transformational Coach. For more info, visit her website at mystical story of the Goddess Inanna can guide us to achieving this great potential we all have. Myth and archetypes can help us identify with our life development. Unveiling the Modern Goddess: Thru Symbolism, Chakra’s & Myth explores our own journey through life by familiarizing with the chakra energy system. Comparing the chakras with the symbols in Inanna’s myth gives us clues to understand our life development and indicates where we need to heal and thus become a more whole human being. This is about balance of masculine and feminine, or yin/yang, but more so it emphasizes the awareness and healing of the feminine energy within.The Sacred Union brings together a powerful awareness of the masculine and feminine consciousness within each person.

elf bookGo to Elf!

Go to Elf! Connecting with the Eternal Life Force is the story of two men who met as boys in the center of a small patch of woods in St. Petersburg, Florida, and found in each other the most important of all qualities, unconditional acceptance. The friendship that evolved was life changing for both Tony Celentano and Frankie Doerrer, whose families were so wildly dysfunctional that neither boy had ever before been able to have a best friend. For the next 20 years, they preserved their friendship by meeting every Saturday morning for breakfast at the same time and place to share the every day highs and lows and ups and down of their rather mundane lives. It wasn’t until they were approaching their fortieth birthdays that they were able to admit to themselves and to each other that their disturbing childhood memories were preventing them from expanding their interests and committing to other lasting relationships. It is also deeply spiritual with its messages from the EKF (Eternal Life Force).

Lauren McLaughlin is a Unity Minister who is a multi-talented woman who is deeply respected for her wisdom and sharing in the community and beyond.

51uYu2VskRL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_The Fifth Agreement

In this long-awaited sequel to The Four Agreements, don Miguel Ruiz collaborates with his son, don Jose Ruiz, to offer another powerful agreement for transforming our lives. The fifth agreement encourages us to see the truth, to recover our authenticity, and to change the message we deliver not only to ourselves, but to everyone around us. The Four Agreements provides the foundation for breaking thou for breaking thousands of agreements that create needless suffering and with The Fifth Agreement you recover all the power of your authenticity, which is who you really are when you are born.

earth angels bookAssertiveness for Earth Angels

Do people take advantage of your niceness? In this groundbreaking book, Doreen Virtue teaches Earth Angels —extremely sweet people who care more about others’ happiness than their own— how to maintain their inner peace and loving nature while at the same time holding boundaries. You’ll discover how to overcome fears about saying no, and how to ask for what you want from those around you and from the universe.

gifts of imperfectionThe Gifts of Imperfection

In The Gifts of Imperfection, Brené Brown, a leading expert on shame, authenticity, and belonging, shares ten guideposts on the power of Wholehearted living—a way of engaging with the world from a place of worthiness.

Each day we face a barrage of images and messages from society and the media telling us who, what, and how we should be. We are led to believe that if we could only look perfect and lead perfect lives, we’d no longer feel inadequate. So most of us perform, please, and perfect, all the while thinking, “What if I can’t keep all of these balls in the air? Why isn’t everyone else working harder and living up to my expectations? What will people think if I fail or give up? When can I stop proving myself?”

chatter-that-mattersThe Chatter that Matters – Your Words Are Your Power

A small book with an Enormous Message. Dale Carnegie, the famous motivational speaker whose work has constructively changed the lives of many thousands of people, is often quoted as saying, “You are what you think about”, and with that phrase, he awakened us to realize the amount of control over our life experience that we give entirely to what we think. But knowing that our minds are often out of control, only poses the question, “How do we begin to manage what we think” The Chatter That Matters reveals the power of the endless Mind Chatter that consumes us all, and offers us tools to use to pick and choose our trains of thought constructively. You will find this book to be an easy-to-use guide that will help you to: reclaim control of your thoughts by getting rid of the negative mind chatter, improve the chatter you share with others and structure the all-important protective chatter – all components that make up the chatter that really matters. This is a book that you will want to use over and over. As you peel away the layers of mental habit that have not been serving you, like peeling the onion layer by layer, you will continue to rid yourself of the negative chatter you’ve been creating and embrace the habit of creating only empowering chatter.

permission-grantedPermission Is Granted: Be a Better You

Are you satisfied with your life right now? Only you can make the determination if you feel fulfilled and content with what you are doing or striving for. Satisfaction is unique to each of us; we define it differently and we all reach it in diverse ways. Overall, it’s a very personal experience. Again… are you satisfied with your life right now? If you are not, then you need to do something about it. Take steps to change your habits, shift your self perceptions and be a better you. Through clear-cut and fairly easy strategies, this review of core personal beliefs will help you become more aware and better equipped to effect changes in your life… however you see fit. Maybe you just need someone to give you permission to put yourself first and do these things. Permission is Granted: Be a Better You!

feel-good-foodGiada’s Feel Good Food: My Healthy Recipes and Secrets

Finally answering the question her fans ask most often, “How do you stay so trim?” Giada De Laurentiis shares the delicious easy recipes and tips she uses to maximize energy and remain fit. Here are 120 recipes for breakfasts, juices, lunches, snacks, dinners, and desserts that can be combined into a month of delicious feel-good meals. So that everyone can enjoy these dishes, many are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and/or vegan, with helpful icons to call them out—and, for the very first time, each recipe includes a calorie count and nutritional analysis. Special sections delve into Giada’s everyday life, including her beauty and exercise routines, how she satisfies sugar fixes, what’s always in her bag, and her ordering tips for eating in restaurants. With 100 color photographs, Giada’s Feel Good Food is a beautiful guide to staying on track while still eating everything and enjoying life to its fullest.

feel-good-foodRachael Ray’s Week in a Day Cookbook

Relax with a tasty meal after a busy day. Enjoy your evenings around the dinner table with your friends and family. Sound too good to be true? Not if you plan your Week in a Day. Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day, the companion book to her hit cooking show of the same name, offers more than two hundred recipes that will help you prepare five nights’ worth of meals in a single day. The woman who taught America how to make a meal in 30 minutes is sharing more of her practical and easy tips that will have you eating well for days to come!

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