Diamond Heart Awakenings

Diamond Heart Awakenings-bonnie-Snyder

Why access your Diamond Heart, Diamond Light and the Diamond Grid?

Because you want to:

  • Transform old patterns and be free to be your authentic self

  • “Remember” how to be your divinely, soul-connected and empowered self

  • Bridge your inner dreams and your outside reality

  • Shift and upgrade your DNA to open to a higher-consciousness level

This Diamond Frequency – also referred to as the Christed Heart – is known as the “frequency energy” of unconditional love and unity consciousness. The shape of the Diamond (octahedron) is a sacred geometry that expands and supports you in being the radiant, unique light that you are. It’s your deepest connection to your Self. Many believe the “Diamond” (the octahedron that surrounds you is your “Diamond Light body”, an energetic body that has been dormant. Your personal diamond is accessed through your heart. It is the connection to unlimited possibilities, love, and joy as well as to your Divine blue print and Soul’s guidance.

As you access your unique Diamond Light through your heart, you activate the Diamond Light deep within you. These energies — or light frequencies — support you to connect and remember how to co-create and move into the unlimited flow of the infinite (God, the universe, Divinity) tapping into a power that is not seen.

Yes, there are many powerful unseen realities!

Activating your Diamond Light matrix is recalling you are a divine light. This actually shifts your DNA to hold more light and raises your consciousness to what is possible. It affects all aspects of you… including your physical body. When you continue to access this energy, it supports you.

This shows up in being able to move through transitions more easily, have better health, and achieve more clarity!

Your personal diamond supports you to be the radiant, unique light that you are — your ever-evolving divine blueprint — and unites you with the Source that created you.

You connect to unlimited possibilities and potential!

“If you are connected to the energy of your soul, your inspiration, it will clear a path for you in your everyday life. Opportunities (in the form or people or situations you encounter) will come to you in a pace and rhythm that suits you.” ~ Pamela Kribbe




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