The Undercover Story


When Did You Forget You Are Enough?

Have you had the longing to finally unlock the patterns that have kept you from fully trusting yourself, and deeply connecting and aligning with who you truly are?

It’s so easy to forget that just by being you, you are enough! We’ve all been impacted and programmed by messages from our childhood and the world that make us forget and think we aren’t enough.

I truly believe now is the time to unplug from the old way of being and doing and fully connect to the high frequency consciousness and joy of being the “diamond” you are with all your unique gifts and strengths.

When you know you’re enough, doors open easily to new joyful opportunities and possibilities. When you remember you are enough, challenges dissolve without turning into insurmountable walls of failure.

This website was created to support all of us in releasing the under cover story of not being enough and revealing the under cover story of the radiant light, which we came here to be.

I have created a short 2-minute video because I am deeply passionate in helping us all remember we are enough.

Diamond Heart Awakening Coaching

energy clearing

When Did You Forget … You ARE Enough?

If this video resonates with you, I invite you to take the next step and sign up to receive The Diamond Connection Meditation.

This short yet powerful meditation will safely allow you to connect to unlimited divine support and infinite possibilities.

As you listen to this meditation, you will break free from the grip of guilt, shame, other’s expectations and the message that you aren’t enough.


Music by Amy Camie
A Space Within

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