Daily Presents: 8 Sparks to Fan Your Inner Light

Daily Presents Calendar: 8 Sparks to Fan your Inner Light, the Gift that keeps on giving!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive a gift every day in 2017? Start a New Year and discover what wants to birth new for you? giftsfull

In 2017 unleash the connection to your deepest,  most powerful self !

This new year gift yourself the Daily Presents Calendar for daily support and a link  Soul’s guidance?

A  new energy is beckoning you to do something different. Have you felt it? It’s calling you to tap into and BE your true unlimited self, unhindered by old stories of not enough, and to be … abundant. You have to do something different to BE different. ( You can start this calendar anytime but NOW is the perfect time.)

Listening to your Higher Self

Linda Williams and Bonnie Snyder have discovered a secret, simple change to make life easier..  We knew that 2017 was going to be a year that many would be looking for a process to move forward in a new way A daily process that will smooth out your challenges, create more fun vs. drudgery, more joy than tears and more sparkles than struggle. In 2017 rebirth rather than reboot!  And we want to share it with you!

When you tune in and listen to your higher self, you never know where that guidance and energy will lead you, right?   That’s what happened to us. As we look back we both realize it was our  Souls calling this forth. curiosity became a strong desire and we decided to see what would happen if we tried a new way to expand what most of us do already – practice gratitude.

Gratitude moves us out of fear and anxiety. As we all know, you can’t worry and be grateful at the same time. And, even during challenges, the power of gratitude helps us get through the bumps and go around the potholes of life.

Cultivating gratitude has been studied psychologically and spiritually for decades, with positive results. Doctors and researchers agree that gratitude is the single most potent way to create more of what you want in your life – especially, if you release any attachment to the outcome.

The Secret?

Gratitude on Steroids


Gratitude is energy and is embodied in the experience of giving and receiving.

Giving yourself a daily boost of gratitude energizes your life and lightens your load.  It creates time and space for that all-important self care and gives you the clarity to crystalize your purpose and focus on what really matters. 

Imagine giving and receiving tied up in one beautiful gift— a gift as rare and precious as a diamond. This is how you radiate the energy of gratitude and deepen your appreciation in more powerful, magical ways. Magic is the energy in miracles!

We (Linda and Bonnie) experienced this magical diamond energy as we immersed ourselves in creating the Daily Presence Calendar. It ramped our giving and heightened our intuition. In this miraculous, diamond light energy, we received amazing results—gifts way beyond our expectations.  We know you will, too!

Daily Presents Calendar

8 Sparks to Fan your Inner Light and Create Abundant Magic

The Daily Presents Calendar is designed to help you access your magic, bring to life what has been dormant  and transform your life with a simple daily ritual that easily slips into your schedule. Let the power of the diamond cast a bright light on your gratitude this holiday season and continue creating magic and miracles throughout the New Year!



Amplifying Gratitude
As you use the Daily Presents Calendar the energy of the gifts start to flow to you…

  • Don’t have to work as hard. Things line up more easily, more quickly and better than you could have planned
  • Are more present, focused and mindful you see opportunities and possibilities 
  • Are able to access an inner space of peace despite the chaotic outside world
  • Feel more self-confident as you witness your “abundance” in different areas of your life
  • Are connected to your true expansive and magical self, your divine essence
  • Find it’s easier to take better care of yourself
  • Find time has expanded and created more space in your life
  • Find old draining relationships move away, your relationships are win-win, and more rewarding

How it Works

The Daily Presents Calendar: 8 Sparks to Fan Your Inner Light

calendar-journal-web-pageThe Daily Presents Calendar comes complete with a monthly calendar and journal pages for notes and musings. You’ll be able to have a record of your experiences and the ‘sparks’ they ignited.

As you reflect on your day you’ll record on the appropriate space whether you felt you were the giver or a receiver. You can do this with color, letters or symbols.

On the journal page of the calendar, you can write a note what these “gifts” were and if you wish write a few notes about what observations or sparks it ignited within you. The beauty of the calendar is it just takes a few minutes. This not only gives you tangible evidence of abundance in your life, it amplifies the gifts exponentially in every area of life. 

As you use the calendar, insights will spark a deeper connection to your true self. New possibilities show up and you’ll experience a heightened sense of flowing with your innermost being.

What is Included in The Daily Presents: 8 Sparks to Fan Your Inner Light

  • A monthly (downloadable) calendar and journal page to record your acknowledgement of giving and receiving
  • Instructions and background on how to use the Daily Presents Calendar
  • Energetic symbols and colors to increase the potency for each gift
  • Short meditation and energy shifter – Meditation Spark
  • Access to a private Facebook Group where you can share your insights with other like-minded givers and receivers

The 8 Sparks to Fan your Inner Light

1pink-pink 1 GIFT OF SELF LOVE … is the spark that lights the way to being kind, compassionate and loving to yourself.
2green-green 2 GIFT OF HEALTH/WELL-BEING … is the spark that flames into the light of multiple avenues to the health and well-being of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual facets.
3brown-brown 3 GIFT OF GOODS … is that spark that sheds light on noticing goods (material stuff) that meets needs and desires.
4blue-blue 4 GIFT OF FRIENDSHIP/RELATIONSHIP … is the spark that electrifies your sense of identity and belonging.
5passion-red-red 5 GIFT OF PASSION/TALENT … is the spark that ignites a glow within you and increases your natural radiance.
6yellow-yellow 6 GIFT OF SERVICE … is the spark that energizes you to be of help.
7lavender-lavender 7 GIFT OF TIME … is the spark that rejuvenates your heart space to create a sense of peace, calm, and presence.
8purple-purple-copy 8 GIFT OF SPIRITUALITY/CONNECTION … is the spark that wakens your focus, intuition, and inspiration to your Higher Self.

Daily Presents: 8 Sparks to Fan Your Inner Light is your Private Magic Wand!

Order your Daily Presents Calendar for yourself or for that special someone and watch the sparks fly and changes happen!

***You can move powerfully into the flow of giving and receiving in a new way. A way that is effortless and sparks more abundance, peace, and joy during this Holiday Season and into 2017.


Or Subscribe monthly for $6.00  a month introductory price

after December 24th ($9.99 a month)

Purchase now for your savings of $47.88 for 2017  year at $9.99  month

Option One: 2017 Daily Presents Month by Month subscription

Amp up your energy in 2017 or gift someone on your list 

 The Daily Presents Calendar for 2017: 8 Sparks to Fan Your Inner Light (Do you want to give this as a gift? Look below)

Continue the energy of giving and receiving, magic and miracles as you do a deep dive into unveiling your true empowered self with an abundance of support as you continue to play in expanded energy of gratitude with the: 


Starting in January, 2017  you’ll receive a new calendar sheet and journal pages, a new meditative, energy shifter, a free monthly coaching call to amp up the energy of the month, and a brief description of energy focus for the month.

In the first month you’ll:

  • Receive instructions and background on how to use the Daily Presents Calendar, a new calendar, journal pages and energy focus and audio for the month
  • Energetic symbols and colors to increase the potency for each gift
  • Free access to a monthly teleconference call focusing on the energy of the sparks (recorded if you aren’t available to attend live)
  • Access to the private Facebook group (if you haven’t already joined)

Option One: Month by Month subscription for 2017

(There is a minimum commitment of three months until March. If for some reason you wish to discontinue receiving the calendar it can be cancelled for April at the end of March. ) 

$6 per month special pricing until January 6th


Best Value one payment of $48.00 the 2017 calendar year



Option 2: One payment of $48 **BEST VALUE** (savings $24 over monthly subscription price-total saving -after December 24th savings of  $88 for the year) 

Plus 2 Bonuses:

Bonus 1:


November and December 2016

Daily Presents calendar

Bonus 2:


 Energy Shifter  Audio

“Remember and Connect to Your Divine Light”

This is a self investment into really expanding into magical abundance in your life.

Your total price is is less than the price of several audio energy shifters – and you will be getting 12 audio meditative energy shifters, plus the calendar, journal pages and your energy focus each month. Plus bonuses! Making your total savings $56!

$48 Until January 6th 

Bonus gifts (with an annual subscription!)

Would you like to give the Daily Presents Calendar to someone as a gift?


This makes a perfect gift for the holidays (or a birthday) for someone who has everything, or wants to make changes in their life, wants to feel more abundant or just wants to live with more ease.

You can choose:

  1. We can send you an email gift certificate with the information for your gift recipient and you can send it via email or print it out for them
  2. We will send you a gift card and instructions on how to access their gift. (Additional $4.00 for card, shipping and handling)
  3. We can send your gift recipient card and instructions on how to access their gift. (Additional $4.00 for card, shipping and handling)

Choose the Annual or 3-Month Calendar subscription as a gift.

Year Long Subscription as a gift – $48


3-Month Subscription (January – March 2017) as a gift – $18


***The First Gift: Get the benefits of opening the flow to more abundance in your life and a deeper connection to your true divine self as you Give yourself a gift each day using the Daily Presents Calendar: 8 Sparks to Fan Your Inner Light.

The Second Gift: Being compassionate and sensitive you want the best for those close to you. As your energy expands and shifts with use of the calendar each day, the energy you create not only puts you in the flow of abundance, it ripples out to those around you.

The Third Gift: Give the Daily Presents Calendar: 8 Sparks to Fan Your Inner Light as a gift to that special someone this Holiday Season.

You will exponentially amp up the energy in your own life, your gift recipient’s life and for some pretty special individuals. Through your purchase of the Daily Presents Calendar you’ll be giving a gift to an amazing non-profit organization, Girls Who Code (www.Girlswhocode.com). Your giving goes beyond you and your loved ones.

*** Linda and I are excited to gift 50% of the profits from your contribution to Girls Who Code.

Girls Who Code was founded with a single mission: to close the gender gap in technology.

“Girls Who Code is on track to educate 10,000 girls and young women – from middle school to college age – in 40 states by the end of the year – the same number of total female computer science graduates in 2015. With today’s commitments from the country’s leading technology companies, we are one step closer to ensuring these young women have more opportunities (via camps, programs and scholarships) than ever to follow their passions and pursue careers in computer science fields,” said Reshma Saujani, Founder and CEO of Girls Who Code.


The gift of magic and miracles is truly priceless!

Bonnie-Snyder-CircleBonnie Snyder, Ed.S., CPC, DCEP

Bonnie designed the first and only Online Virtual Spa®, at SerenityPathways.com where you can de-stress in 10 minutes or less. Bonnie creates short, elegant pathways though her coaching programs, and products which are stepping stones to a more graceful way of living. Her powerful blend of easy, quick, high-impact techniques incorporate both practical and spiritual components for change. You can find out more at DiamondPathways.com and The Virtual Spa® at SerenityPathways.com. Bonnie Snyder, Ed.S., CPC, DCEP is a Professional Life Balance Coach, a Graduate of the Authentic Happiness Coaching Program, and is Diplomat in Energy Psychology. Bonnie is an expert in shifting the energy and finding the patterns that keep people from moving forward. She is also author of the book Angel Violet’s Magic Wings a storybook tool for children and parents. Contact Bonnie@diamondpathways.com www.diamondpathways.com

linda-circle-headLinda Williams, M.A.

Linda is Founder of relationSHAPE and Linda Williams Consulting. Her vision is to transform people’s interactions by using communication strategies and tools that cultivate the respectful speaking of truths and compassionate listening. She imparts her knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to utilize practical approaches that make a difference in the quality of personal and work relationships. She is a facilitator, mentor and consultant to organizations and individuals nationwide. In her seminars, Linda develops an interactive, supportive, safe and fun learning environment She is also the Communications Director for the Sarasota, Florida, Living in Community Network. Contact Linda linda@relationshape.today www.relationshape.today

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