Diamond Color Alignment

Your Mind, Your Soul and Your Energy

There is a bridge from your inner dreams and intentions to your outer world. Color helps us find our way along that path. What is the magical color of your Soul’s voice?


Diamond Color Alignment Course: The Powerful Effect of Color

This inspirational, energizing value packed two session program, allows you to clearly, experience the mysterious universe of vibration. There is a bridge from your inner dreams and intentions to your outer world. This is an invitation to play creatively with color. Color can help  you find your way towards your dreams, and courage to make them real.

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What is the magical color of your
Soul’s voice?

Despite the bumpiness of this year, the energies are finally shifting. Can you feel it? You’ve probably spent a lot of time over these past few months (or maybe over many years) clearing and releasing old patterns. You are ready for something new.

I used to talk about Soul Whispers, but aren’t you noticing they aren’t whispers anymore? Our Souls are calling loud and clear now. It’s time to awaken and summon the courage to be creative and to step up, especially in the areas where you have felt awkward or uncomfortable, to be who you truly are with joy and ease.

blank coloring page What’s up with all the coloring books?

There have always been coloring books for kids, but now adult coloring books are everywhere! Big ones, little ones, coloring books to mediate, Zen coloring books, flower coloring books, animal color books, and the list goes on and on.

The driving force for these coloring books is to “relax,” but I suspect the benefits of coloring goes much deeper. When you color, you relax and allow your body and mind to de-stress. You reconnect to your powerful spirit. As you color, you move your focus away from the business of life into your creative, right brain where unlimited possibilities live.

This is beneficial as you allow your creative right brain to work for you. You make room for your linear, left brain to be open to new ideas. Clarity around a situation may come easily, or a solution to some struggle may become clear. You may have an idea for something new show up without “thinking” about it.

This moment of awareness may come while you color, or it may show up at a totally different time.

RAINBOWEYE Change Your Colors – Change Your World

Color is vitally important to everything … even our thoughts. A simple experiment can illustrate this point for you.

  1. Just for a moment, think of something fun to do. What color would that be? You don’t have to see it, but you might. What color pops into your mind? That color or color frequency is the color attuned to your thought of something fun.
  2. Now briefly, think of something sad. What color comes to mind with this thought? Often darker colors are associated with these thoughts.
  3. Now think of something you feel passionate about or which excites you. What color shows up associated with these thoughts? This helps you see how color frequency and thought frequency are linked in your mind.

Colors vibrate at different frequencies. That’s what creates the color. Frequencies of color aren’t good or bad … they are just diverse, and as a result, they show up as different colors.

There are many color frequencies that we can’t see with the human eye. We also know everything is energy.

What Color Are the Facets of Your Diamond?

Your Diamond Light Body is invisible sacred geometry that surrounds your physical body in the shape of an octahedron, that is, a diamond.

This energetic structure expands, supports, and connects you in being the radiant, unique light that you are. Just as your thoughts have color, you have many color frequencies in the facets of your Diamond Light Body.

It’s your deepest connection to your Self, your Soul’s unfolding and the magic of who you truly are as a spirit. Your personal diamond is accessed through your heart. It is the connection to unlimited possibilities, love, and joy as well as to your Divine blue print and Soul’s guidance.

The Energy is Strong – Carrying You Forward

“Buckle up! As our diamond heart activations reconnect us with the cosmic Forces of creation, things will apparently speed up in significant ways … specifically, the creations of our soul-inspired purpose for being here at this very unique/extraordinary time on the planet. Now, and we want to be clear about this … you are moving into a time of great and rapid acceleration of creation energies, for those who are embodying at this time are those who have been expanding, clearing, growing…” Lauren Gorgo, Thinkwithyourheart.com/

The message is clear: we are shifting to higher levels of awareness and consciously letting go of the old struggle and the old disconnected way of being. The keys to embodying more grace, and to having more miracles and magic flow through your life, is to connect with your radiant sacred diamond light body and diamond heart.

This is the key to creating your own magic and mission here on planet Earth.


Join Me for this Diamond Color Alignment Course

Beta Group on July 19th & August 2nd at 8:00 PM ET

This is a unique invitation to experience your personal alignment with a new way of being or doing. We have seen incredible results working with others on an individual basis.

I’m certain we can amp up the energy to our Soul’s unfolding in a group atmosphere.

This will be a short pilot (beta) experience of two and half weeks.

“The process I did with Bonnie in the Diamond Color Alignment was fun and transformational. Using color connected me with my inner child and helped me to visualize where the stuck energy was in my body. Bonnie has an amazing ability to move energy and by the end of the session I felt a great deal more ease and confidence to step into the world. After doing the Mudra and Intention work on my own as well I am seeing clear results and momentum in my life. Thank You Bonnie!”~ Christine

It’s time to embody and shine your light in new ways and feel powerfully supported by the Universe, even during challenging times! Connect within your diamond to the power of your heart and the cosmic heart energy of the Universe.

diamond color alignment words Join Diamond Color Alignment Beta Group to:

  • Feel the support of the Universe more strongly in one area of your life
  • Feel confident stepping into your life or business in a new way
  • Navigate and play with your time and energy more effectively
  • Have the courage to birth something new
  • Focus your creative energy into a new product or service
  • Do what you love with more breathing space to take care of yourself
  • Dance with time in a new way
  • Shift from overwhelm into more productive ways of being

“Every once in a while, something comes along so mysterious, and yet so powerful, that it defies explanation. That’s how I feel about this process. For decades, I’ve prayed and searched for some key that would unlock my inner potential, but each promised solution always fell short and left me wanting. With this process, I find myself not just remembering, but eager to use these tools frequently. I have actually pulled off the road into a parking lot in order to take advantage of this amazing tool in the moment it occurs to me that change is needed. Then, just as simply as moving a vase of flowers from one table to another … it is done. I’m only just beginning to tap into the possibilities here before me. This is a real game changer, and I am very grateful.” ~ Judy

I am very excited to offer this course to support you. It is open to all who would like to be in the Beta Pilot Group. Together, we will play with Diamond Colors and Aligning to create something new and magical. This fantastic value pricing is available one time only.

How the Diamond Color Alignment Program Works

  • It is an 18-day program.
  • There will be two LIVE calls with Bonnie to learn the process of strumming and aligning to your intention. (ALL calls will be recorded) July 19th and August 2nd
  • During the calls you learn how to call your intention forth and embody it using color and the power of the diamond.
  • You learn how to tune into your Diamond and experience the energy shift.
  • On your own, you’ll spend 3 to 5 minutes a day tuning into your color alignment (or more if you wish).
  • You will have daily access to a private Facebook group for connection, inspiration and support.
  • Continued energetic support will be held around each person as well as having the powerful group energy.


Diamond Heart To energetically support you even more powerfully, during your journey, you’ll receive your own personal mini-card reading.
Diamond Heart A free audio gift! Wouldn’t you like to shift that little niggly feeling of ‘not enough’ that slips in sometimes. This audio is the key to quieting that voice. This energy shifter audio will start the unlocking of the “Gene Key of Inadequacy” that all humans have programmed within their DNA.
Diamond Heart Gene Key #48 Let Go of Not Enough and Feel Enough in Every Moment – Gene Key #48 Energy Shifter Your Wisdom Key Audio

The Gene Keys developed by Richard Rudd (genekeys.com) are one of secrets to raising the frequency of your DNA to transform the patterns from your genetics, releasing fear in the body and connecting you to the trust in your Higher Self. (These two bonuses alone are worth the price of the program!)


After signing up – all you need to do to participate is:

  • Bring an open mind
  • Hold a willingness to change or up-level your belief and perception of your situation
  • Embrace your knowing that change comes from the inside
  • Understand that situations show up to support your growth and evolution
  • Gather colored pencils, markers or crayons (if you don’t have these, just write the color(s) in the circles)
  • Bring a journal (optional) or paper
  • And something to write with

All of this alignment and energetic support for only $33 dollars for each session – for a total of $66 – a fantastic value!

Everyone will have several opportunities to have a personal alignments. Everyone will be able to do a short alignment prep before the live sessions so that all intentions will be in the cauldron of the Diamond Color Alignment Beta Group whether you listen to the call live or on your own time.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to be part of this beta group! Register today! Information for the calls will be sent to you when you sign up.

“After going through the alignment process with Bonnie I felt more “powered on” and shifted into a much different space where I feel centered, calm and whole. I have a much different perspective that continues to evolve.”~Maranda


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